lovely etsy & a change:

December 12, 2008

so i've really been thinking about lovely etsy's and realizing that there is just so much loveliness out there that it can't be limited to just etsy. places like dwanda, 1000markets, and artfire: i think these places must all be showcased too! thus, lovely etsy is now being changed to lovely goods (sorry for lack of a better name. i really debated between lovely things and lovely goods, haha. so creative, right? anyways...)  i hope you enjoy the finds from all these great places!

finds may be from dwanda, 1000 markets, artfire, big cartel, etsy, or a mix of everything, just to switch it up a bit and keep you on your feet ;) 

so this week, our items are showcased from 1000markets.

{ lovely goods }

1. rococo shawl II: knit wool shawl by tickled pink knits, $260
2. time to share: a nut-note card by little story, $6
3. tomato vine: olive soap bar by chase street soap co, $7
4. burgundy baroque notecards by juniper berry, $8
5. filigree stained glass pendant by cdchilds, $14.50
6. poppy zip by inklore, $15

2 hello's:

  1. wow! i never knew these existed! thanks so much for taking the time to do the research for us! i just bookmarked those pages...yay for handmade goodies!

  2. Oo I just opened a shop on 1000 markets. Still feeling my way around over there though! =)


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