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December 24, 2008

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♥ Three-Dimensional Doily Ornamentmartha stewart.
these are so lovely, and i think they can be used year round! not just for Christmas + holidays.

free vector design elements pack 04snap2objects.
free icons from snap2objects: this is a great resource site. rss it!

you thought we wouldn't noticebut we did.
have you been around this site? it is so great. it's an open blog where anyone can post about a copied design they've seen. 

grandma's apple pie lip balmcraft bits.
a fun project to make your own lip balm. i really do love lipbalm.

♥ independent etsy promotionown the hour.
a promotion site that allows you to purchase a spot for just .50 cents per hour. lovely idea.

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  2. merry xmas. oh and i changed my url http://empiricalfiction.blogspot.com/


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