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December 22, 2008

k is for calligraphy:

well, not a big weekend update here, considering i worked at the apple store friday + saturday and yesterday nick and i both got sick so we were pretty lazy all day. major bummer. but it is raining today so i am happy.

so instead i will share a lovely package i received in the mail last week. i love putting a lot of effort into wrapping my packages, and so when i receive one so nicely wrapped it brings much happiness to my heart ;)

this one is from the etsy store, kisforcalligraphy. i ordered a set of custom 'merry christmas' seals from Katy and she is just so sweet. as a lover of fonts, i really appreciate everything about her letterforms and strokes, they are all so lovely. and i may be just a tiny bit jealous of her AMAZING calligraphy. heh, i got stuck with my dad's most of the time illegible-chicken scratch writing. but i am glad that some people have been gifted with font-like writing so i can appreciate theirs all the more!

2 hello's:

  1. Ohh Danni! That calligraphy is beautiful! And the packaging would have been so exciting to open. I love it when people put effort into packaging and wrapping.

    I must learn calligraphy again =)

  2. Sometimes Christmas presents come wrapped in blog post! Your blog post about my me and my calligraphy craft was one of best Christmas presents ever! Thank you so much for taking the time to recognize and share with the world my little shoppe!
    I hope you and family and friends celebrated a wonderful and meaningful Christmas!
    Thank you Danni!
    warm winter cheer!
    xo, Katy


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