{ lovely goods }

December 19, 2008

this week's lovely goods comes from dwanda. if you haven't been here yet, make a visit. it is filled with lots of amazing items from many talented artists. prices are in euros, shipping is reasonable from many international sellers. they're actually having a -11% off sale that ends today so treat yourself to a gift.

{ lovely goods }

1. wall clock, by vertikker, €29
2. wet felt, glass, and sterling silver necklace, by lasidi, €25
3. buttercup, 8 screenprinted notelets, by cutiepiecompany, €9.50
4. art darling 3, by mareikeauer, €10
5. lovely gray whale leather keychain, by leatherprince, €13
6. orange birdie keychain, by karuski, €6

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