December 8, 2008

weekend wrap up:
* note! photos included with weekend wrap ups so click the links ;)

friday + packaged and shipped out about 25 orders..that's always fun. won a set of postcard prints from petitehouse, very exciting especially since i never win anything! went to a friend's christmas party at his work where we randomly saw this celeb (apparently he is good friends with my friend's boss) and ran into a friend of an x-friend. fun fun!

saturday + did a craft show at a high school that ended up to be a major bust. mainly grandma crafts + no one that really came to shop = not such a good show. i should have known better. but it was a lot of quality time with nicholas, and the really sweet lady next to me gave me 2 free bags of her pistachios. score! also bought some super yummy cookies from the bake sale, end of the day blowout 5 packs of cookies for a dollar, ha! the night ended with some fab christmas decorating with the roommate so now our place is all decorated with little white lights and lots of snowmen. can i just leave the decorations up all year? can it just be christmas all year? it's the best.

sunday + went for a screening of a movie coming out next year but they were full of our age range of people (weird) so we got free movie tickets instead since they couldn't let us in and so we saw this movie instead. mm, pretty intense, mye and i cried. but very well done, imo, so go see it if you get the chance.

2 hello's:

  1. Yeah, having such cute snowmans, I'¿d leave them ALL YEAR LONG.

  2. Just found your blog, and I had to comment as I was very first person to buy something off your Etsy shop! I was "pouncing" undiscovered shops and thought, "what??? this is pure crazyness, this darling shop has had no sales?"...you must have just opened. So glad to see your busy!


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