{ lovely goods }

January 23, 2009

{ lovely goods }

1. fiber flower ring by shutterkate, $14
2. cork bird pouch by cork and cotton, $25
3. blue necklace piece by jmyerscho, $18
4. pink is for boys pin by squidsense, $14
5. hand embroidered cotton and felt coasters by copabananas, $24
6. bottles and balloons print by three sisters ink, $15

3 hello's:

  1. I love the seller of the pink flower: Squid Sense, I did a little article with a bunch of her tasty flowers over on my blog:

  2. Those felt coasters are absolutely the sweetest things ever! I'm dying over here! You seriously always find the most adorable things.


  3. Love the cork bird pouch! So cute!


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