January 27, 2009

sky at sunset.

hi friends! how was your weekend? mine went well. nicholas and his cousin are looking to move so we spent the whole day on saturday looking at apartments for them. we looked at a total of 3, cause that's all they said they could find. we got to drive by huntington beach, so that is where the picture above is from. it was so lovely. anyway, i got on craigslist and looked for other listings for them on sunday. came across a couple 'scams' which i didn't realize till after they practically filled out the applications. it is so sad that people will take or scam whatever they can. even something like a "$150 application fee" psh. just be careful. i'm sure some people fall for it. i practically did! $750 for a 2 bedroom, furnished apartment with all utilities paid. come on danni, if it seems to good to be true, it is too good to be true. ;) well, lesson learned.


anyway.. on a more happier note, i purchased some cupcakes! this i am very excited about. but i suppose this isn't necessarily a good thing because i totally dropped $50 bucks on cupcakes! ahhh. i am just so fascinated by them. i mentioned to my roommate i think i may be obsessed with cupcakes because i can't bake myself, so it would make sense to be interested in something i can't really do. ? i don't know. i got a total of 6 cupcakes, and half of them aren't even for me. they had a sugar free one which i ended up getting for my gpa, cause he's diabetic. anyway, i should be getting them any day now, so i will let you know how they are.

i've also been reading this series by francine rivers. i finished the 2nd book in one whole day! (on friday) it was pretty intense. i've read these books before (about 5 years ago!) and they are just so amazing.

i hung out with my mom for a little, since she was in town. i paid off my entire debt to her because i owed her some money from college. she kept nagging and nagging about it so i finally paid her! it was lovely. we took a picture to capture the moment! it was a good time. i also realized that my imac is broken. very sad bear. if you see in the image, there are these crazy dark shapes 'burned' into the screen. i have to take it in to get fixed. which means: no computer for a week or so! can i even survive that? heh, just kidding. perhaps it will be a good time away from being online all the time.

happy chinese new year!

and happy chinese new year! we don't really celebrate chinese new year in my fam but this year is my year since i'm an ox. so that's fun since it only comes around.. oh, every 12 years. if you were born in any of these years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 - then you are an ox too!

california soarin'

i completed a item off my 101 list! hurray. i took my little brother to disneyland! it was lots of fun. the picture above is from california soarin ride. haha. the ride scares me a little cause i'm afraid of heights. plus it sort of makes me dizzy. but anyway, i'm definitely getting a ton of use out of my pass, woot.

and lastly, i also made some valentine cards for etsy project: special delivery. i'll post some pics later.

okay, i think that is about all! well, i had quite a lot to say! tell me all about your weekend!

5 hello's:

  1. yeah you seem pretty ox-y. with your huge build and all. i think you have a cupcake problem. don't worry i have connections to a good rehab.

  2. I'm a horse, so no luck this year...

    And those cpcakes, really got me hungry.

  3. ohmyyum, those cupcakes look MIGHTY tasty!
    You and your mom are so flippin adoorable!! congrats on paying your debt to her, i too and still paying a debt to my mother and she too nags at ME! ha. i love moms.

  4. I love Francine Rivers! I used to read her books a lot when I was in high school. :D Definitely adding this series to my wishlist, it's been so long since I read something like this. Thanks!

  5. Have you read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? If not, please do it soon! :o) It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I was also in socal, visiting my wonderful boyfriend (long distance relationship). We went snowboarding and to the farmers market, among other good things. It was perfect :o) I'm an ox too, and I really like your blog!


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