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January 6, 2009

so i came across this tape which led me to go on a search for other designer print packing tapes. who knew packages could be so pretty? i love the designs in these tapes.

lace tape, rockettstgeorge.

fita cola tape, ana ventura.
brown flower tape, moumou.

bird cage tape, shinzikatoh.
decorative tape, the container store.

a path to the future, dedece.

thank you kraft tape, pomadour24.

wood grain tape, bytrico.

average day at the museum, moma store.

retro lace tape, retronana.

damask packing tape by two's company,
snip tape, sterohype.

love tape, fred flare.

18 hello's:

  1. omg, i didn't even know this existed! thank you times a million for sharing!

  2. these are seriously FANTASTIC! I love them!

  3. hi. i came across your blog from your etsy shop and i must say that i love your 2 shops and blog! i love your design and its simplicity. everything here is just stunning! keep up the grand work!

    p.s. i may be ordering soon and it is nice to see that my package would come fast as you are local.

  4. I didn't know these things existed! The one you came across with, is simply gorgeous.

  5. Oooh fun tape! Now I have to get some.

  6. oh man i saw these things way back. too exp for me, well for tape. i really like the woodgrain and black lace.

  7. These are incredibly cool/ beautiful!
    I love this idea, pretty packaging is always wonderful.

  8. wowwww, it's sooo nice n creative..
    yup, i wonder where do u get em. i don't tink we have it in malaysia. if it does existed, surely xpensive.

  9. I had no idea that these existed! How cool!

  10. gorgess!! i luv the lace one too..yeah when my cuz went to tokyo she got me one that looks like the ruler one with numbers.. but i havent even used it yet im keeping it locked in my drawers and take it out only to drool over it.. other than that its used as display purposes only :P

  11. WOW ...NICE! i wish I had seen these before!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  12. Those are so gorgeous! I love almost all of pretty.

  13. Who knew tape didn't have to look so BLAH?!

  14. out of this world fantastic adhesive!

  15. This is so cool.

  16. I have totally fallen in love with that lace tape, soooo much cuter than clear tape.

  17. I love stickytape. You should check out

    For lots of tape inspiration!


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