January 5, 2009

this weekend was nice and relaxing. nicholas got home on wednesday so we pretty much spent the last 4 days in nothingness, being sluggish, watching our favorite tv shows, and enjoying our time before he has to go back to work.

we decided to do a once-a-week night at borders where we get some hot chocolate (their hot chocolate is amazing) and just sit and read. it's the best, there is so much inspiration to look through, i mainly look through magazines. i came across this lovely artist, michele varian, i love her bird mobile and her seville nightlight.

anway, we also finally got around to getting our disneyland passes (which he bought me for my birthday back in june) so we headed out on saturday morning, waiting in line for about 45 minutes to get our pictures taken for the pass, went on the haunted mansion + the winnie the pooh ride, and called it a day. heh, i know, i know - we're pretty weak sauce. but it was the last weekend that Christmas decorations were up so the place was packed. and i can only handle so much disneyland. we'll go again, hopefully.

so i came across this random link, humanforsale.com, and decided to take the test. why not? see what i'm worth, haha. they also have you take an iq test and an "am i dumb". not sure how real these tests are but they were fun. based on the questions i answered, i found out i am worth $1,584,834. i was feeling pretty good about this till nicholas took the test and his value was at 2,300,000 or something like that. pshh. whatever. ;)

i ordered these harry & david pears, because, well i really could use a good pear and i hear these are just delightful. and it's called tower of treats. i mean, who doesn't like the sound of that? it makes me think of a whole land of gingerbread houses and chocolate fountains and marshmallows, and lots of towers of yummy deserts. yum. and i love pears.

we saw the curious case of benjamin button last night. it was pretty good. the makeup was amazing. i won't say too much in case you're going to see it.

so that was my weekend. how was yours?

2 hello's:

  1. I'm so taking that test right now.

  2. Me and Cathy used to do a once a week Barnes & Noble night where would sit and drink tea and read through books, haha. Looks like we have same idea on life, or something to that affect.

    As for me, I spent the weekend moving into my new place...of which you to need to come by and see soon!

    Next friends dinner in the orange circle? :)


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