January 19, 2009

happy monday lovelies.

good morning.

it's a lovely day today, some clouds, a little overcast: my favorite. i am excited for the possible rain in the forecast, but i won't get my hopes up. i do enjoy sitting with a cup of tea, looking out the window. my roommate brought home some blueberry crumb cake, yum. so that's what you see in the image above. today i will be spending all day packaging orders and mailing things.

so my weekend was nice, how was yours? i got some new packaging for the jewelry, so i'll post some pictures tomorrow. over the weekend, i watched my little brother's puppy while him and his gf went to a show in la. i never really thought of myself as a dog person, but this little puppy is the cutest. her name is bella! i'm not really one to take pictures of dogs, but i took lots when i was watching her:


i took a few other ones too! note: those are all links. anyway, nick and i caught up in our episodes of 24. this show is legit. i mean, jack bauer is my hero. nick commented that he should just run the country. ;) all would be well with jack in charge. on satuday, i went to visit my grandparents. my brother and i took them to in-n-out. these are old school asian people, who only eat asian food but love their in-n-out hamburgers. it's pretty great. and i guess along the way, i caught some random cold, i feel super meh. nicholas was so thoughtful he bought me some tissues (with lotion - since i commented my nose hurt from blowing my nose so much, and these are so soft!) some flowers, and some bread to make sandwiches.

date stamp.

i also got some office supplies, like tags + ink pads. i think they are just lovely. i will be listing these date stamps in the supply shop. well, that's about it for my weekend. hope yours was splendid.

8 hello's:

  1. Yum that blueberry crumb cake sounds so yummy! And that pup is too cute!

  2. aww, he brought you flowers and lotiony tissues???!! How sweet.

    That puppy is so adorabe! Oh...and Jack Bauer is something else...haha,. Tim and I have only seen season one and two.

    Happy Monday!

  3. I'm watching 24 as I type this! Jack is rad!

  4. That puppy is excessively cute, it must be borderline illegal to be that adorable.

    Your cake looks wonderful.
    I haven't posted any new recipes on my cooking blog forever, maybe I should invent a lovely blueberry cake.

    I need to haul out my stamp, I've got one like that.
    Any ideas for super cute use??

    Get over that cold soon!!!
    They stink.
    Take lots of vitamin C.

    Have a lovely rest of your monday.

  5. That looks yummy! Tea and blueberry crumb cake. It's such a lovely photo too.

    The puppy is the sweetest!! And how sweet is your guy! Bringing you flowers and tissues. My Jason is like that as well. Getting me little things like chocolate or pepperoni sticks (I love them!)

    Anyway, hope you get better! xox

  6. jack is so awesome. i heart 24 too!
    ahh the lovely date stamp. last year I was working on an invitation with a client and we purchased a date stamp for her reply card. when we opened the package the stamp was missing 2008. it only went to 2007. so we cut off the "year" rubber roller from the date stamp. then my client got crazy and stamped different reply by dates on the rsvps which i thought was very amusing. :D

  7. bella is anthony's dog's name too! omg your bro's dog is so adorable :)


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