February 24, 2009

so i said i'd post pics of the book that nicholas made me, so here it is! it was made entirely out of construction paper, he was super proud and now has a new found love for it. he thinks it is the best and that everything should be made with construction paper. ;) anyway, it was super sweet. it basically was a book of all the things we were doing throughout the day.

book made by nicholas: front.
front cover..

book made by nicholas: page one.
the morning started with crepes. he brought me a strawberry nutella chocolate crepe from a local place nearby that we like to eat crepes at. he made the table and eiffel tower pop up and plates and everything. it was cute.

book made by nicholas: page two.
the second page was a penguin, and then it flipped with a mask (didn't take a picture of it) but it was supposed to represent phantom of the opera, the show we saw.

book made by nicholas: page three.
then we went to dinner at this restaurant on the beach. he had heard of it from his friend, and it was really nice. it was right on the sand... the food was good.

book made by nicholas: page four.
then he planned to to our favorite this is supposed to represent the park and since he wasn't sure if it was going to rain, he made this slide down part under the clouds..

book made by nicholas: page four and a half.
that shows rain, my favorite!

book made by nicholas: pop up!
so after i flipped the page of the park, i flipped this page up which was supposed to be a laptop, his plan was to go watch a movie at the park on his laptop. we ended up being pretty tired because it took 2 hours to get back from la after the show in the traffic so we just went home. heh.

it was a fun day though. and i loved the book. it was pretty detailed and legit with the pop ups and everything, i was impressed. his cousin joked that his art school education really paid off. haha.

21 hello's:

  1. wow, that is the cutest thing ever! that book is all sorts of wonderful! you both are so lucky to have such artistic talents for a partner :)

  2. how darling!
    little things like that mean the world.

    p.s. i love love love my umbrella necklace i bought from your etsy! & so does everyone around me. you are brilliant!!

  3. Aw how adorable!


    I think I'll be 65760657th person to tell you he's a keeper.

  5. How incredibly sweet! You're so lucky to have such a special guy in your life. :-)

  6. Oh this is so cute! How thoughtful and time consuming!

  7. Love this! What a sweetie. and creative to boot!

  8. That is beyond adorable. I'm jealous :)

  9. Pretty perfect. I especially love the breakfast page.

  10. Your Valentine Book is so sweet - yeah for construction paper!!!

  11. How fabulous!! So thoughtful and creative!

  12. that is such a sweet display of love.

  13. This is just too cute. He is quite gifted with that construction paper. I am impressed!

  14. wow! This is so adorable, so sweet, and so charming. What a boy you have-- he's a keeper for sure. :)

    and can I just say, if you and Nicholas get married and have children, they will be RIDICULOUSLY talented and creative and artistic. Because between the two of you... wow. :)

  15. Okay, so, this is basically the sweetest thing ever. :) Thank you so much for sharing it with us! You guys are too adorable.

    PS: Isn't Phantom of the Opera amaaaazing? I saw it years ago, but I still remember being completely in awe.

  16. That is amazing! Oh my goodness- what a treasure!!

  17. So sweet! Tell Nicholas he's making guys everywhere look like slackers :)


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