February 24, 2009

hi friends! so i'm back from missouri. lovely trip. nick's family is big into wrestling. i've never really known much about it, but this weekend i watched a lot of wrestling, so i'd say i'm a pro now ;) we're talking like, hours upon hours of endless matches. but it was fun! it's a pretty exciting sport. loosing is no fun at all, and winning is the best feeling ever. the only hard thing i'd say about wrestling is that it's all individual, so if you loose, it hits hard. if you loose, you go home. the survival of the best is really all it comes down to.. sad to say, nick's brother didn't take home any medals, but he is top 8 in the state which i'd say is pretty darn cool. and actually, he had a couple bad calls from the ref, which probably caused him to loose. it was such a bummer. but we'll probably be back next year for his senior year. and i'm gonna say he will take 1st. well that's enough about that. here are some pics.. okay, so i only took a total of 36 pictures the entire trip! sad bear.

missouri trip: little buidlings.
i liked these old looking shops.

missouri trip: university.
university of missouri.

missouri trip: wrestling.
wrestling.. there were 8 matches going on at the same time. intense intense! nick's mom said they've been to one where there were 24 matches all in the stadium, now that's legit.

missouri trip: funny chinese food place.
old taco bell turned chinese food restaurant. classy, haha.

missouri trip: hospital.
hospital where nicholas was born!

missouri trip: sunset.
coming home to the sunrise.

6 hello's:

  1. Hey Danni! My name is Rachel and I just bought the love bird necklace from your store on Etsy, LOVE IT. Thank you much :)
    Your blog is wonderful and inspiring, and I'll be keeping up with it!
    God Bless you sister

  2. just had to say it's a little strange to see a picture of the building i work in (jesse hall in your u of mo pic) on your blog...while i'm sitting at my desk "working"


  3. I love that last pic.
    Looking out of the window of aircraft is one of the most amazing things in the world.

  4. I grew up in St. Louis and my first date was a junior high wrestling match! And trust me, in MO a JH wrestling match is just as tense and loud and crazy as State, so couple that with 8th grade first "date" jitters and you have one memorable afternoon!

    Sounds like you had a great trip, the pics of Mo are awesome!

  5. so glad you had a good trip, dear!

  6. wow I can't believe you were here in Columbia! :)


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