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February 10, 2009

so, as mentioned in my above post, i went searching for some art prints and posters that would be lovely on my new inspiration wall! this will be an ongoing collection, i'll add more later. here is so much art out there, it's overwhelming at times. but here's what i found.

zebra cards, curtie01.

i like your scarf, ashleyg.
i love love love this print and illustration.

live what you love letterpress print, hijirik.
i love this print because it is letterpress, and because i feel like i meet so many people who hate their jobs and what they do. and it makes me feel so fortunate that i am doing what i love, and if i ever forget it, this will help me remember ;)

the royal mile print, artquirk.
this is so nice to look at, because it reminds me of england! i loved when i studied there.

never too late, sooooound.

underwood original aceo, michelemaule.
note: this is sold but i thought it was still lovely inspiration.

pollinate archival print, swallowfield.
note: this is also sold but .. same reason as above.

cages, nottoopink.

clouds collection 01, kupkup.
as mentioned: i love rain and clouds!

blue birds letterpress print, cindy tomczykart.

and sometimes i hear - original mixed media, hrsmithjones.

craft your love, pretty little thieves.

tree house print, atwhim.
i really love this print, probably because i secretly wish to live in a tree house with lights strung up all around like this image!

any 3 mini prints, wrenandchickadee.

too many teacups, sea spray blue.

8 hello's:

  1. I like the 'live what you love', 'royal mile' and 'blue birds' posters, those are cool.
    I'm hunting for a school, and am searching for the best way to do what I love.

    Lucky! I've always wanted to go to England, and am ever plotting ideas of how to get there.

    I've been plotting an idea board too. If I get one put up this week I'll take a pic and post it.

  2. Great prints! So many different types.

    I want to start an art collection as well. Maybe I should make a little list too!

  3. Love the tree house print! I might just buy that for Natalie's room. I also love the zebra card.

  4. Oh wow! So many great ones here. I especially love the zebra card and that tree house!

  5. You made a lot of great choices!

  6. ooooh, I love it all! I especially love that letterpress blue bird one!

  7. i love that ashley g print!
    one of my new years resolutions was to start a print collection, i just might have to add that one to my wish list!
    so far i only have 2 prints, but they are both lovely!
    i'm so glad i found your blog!


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