February 10, 2009

happy tuesday! well my weekend was good. i really loved the rain..and it rained quite a bit. i would say southern california really doesn't get enough rain in my opinion. ;) i had a lovely craft show on saturday, where i met lots of talented ladies and made new friends. i also celebrated my little brother's 5th birthday, we went to sushi. yum! nick and i saw slumdog millionare. good movie.


so i got moved this big bulletin board into my room.. it currently sits here blank. i decided to look for some posters and prints which will follow in the next post. the above image is where i used to have my desk, then i moved it on the other side and left all the papers there. so now i can start fresh!

desk: space.

8 hello's:

  1. Wasn't the rain nice? I think we appreciate it more because we don't get it very often.

  2. We had a very, very blustery day here too. I did actually lose my hat whilst attempting to walk my dog. My sister and I went scrambling through the ditch to retrieve it. It started raining and the winds were up to 40-50 mph in the evening, and we will be doing lots of yardwork to pick up the branches that have descended.

    It sounds as though you have been veddy, veddy busy.
    I wish I could drop by your craft fair, alas, it's a long ways away.

  3. I appreciate the rain now too! Mainly because it doesnt rain enough here either (hence use being on level 5 water restrictions).

    I love the lights you have strung up. And that 'inspire' sign is so pretty!

    I hope you had fun at your craft fair =)

  4. I think the rain from down there is headed my way! {I'm in Fresno, Cali}.

    I love that bulletin board, just *waiting* for inspiration!!!

    Can't wait to see what inspires you!

  5. Wait, you have a 5 year old brother?!?!?

  6. can I please trade weekends with you? :)

  7. Blank bulletin boards hold so much potential! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    P.S. Your blog and your etsy shop are both so lovely. I have become a fan. Your posts are full of so much inspiration!

  8. wow i saw that movie too and ive been telling everyone that they haaaave to see it... i love the colors and the whole cinamotagraphy it just makes me want to take a random trip on the bombay express :P

    btw luv ur 'inspire' type and papers.. very.. inspiring!!


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