February 27, 2009

congrats: to katie!

a while ago i posted a 'must share' when i received my order from made by hank. the packaging, my favorite, and the product was so lovely! it was one of those things that you just had to grab your camera and take a picture of it.


i later received an amazing custom made banner from katie. (shown above in picture) and i was so excited this morning when i saw that she is etsy's featured seller this week! i feel like i know someone famous ;) when you look at her packaging and all her attention to detail, it is no wonder why she is so fabulous.

congrats: to katie!

be sure to check out her shop as it's stocked with lots of her lovely signature bags, and they probably won't last long since she sells out super quick! everyone wants to own a made by hank bag!

anyway, i just wanted to say congrats to katie and if you haven't heard of her yet, be sure to stop by for some fabulous inspiration.

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  1. i've somehow only just recently heard of her work but it's GORGEOUS! i love it all.

  2. I hadn't heard of her before I logged on to etsy this morning but her bags are stunning! I love them and hope I can treat myself to one soon!

  3. Yay hooray for Katie!
    I love her stuff and was pleased to see her as a featured member on the front page this morning.
    I've featured her lovely bags on my blog (abeillecouture) a couple of times at least.
    Her packaging is fantastic too.
    I love that brown dotted ribbon+brown paper.

  4. oh, how fun!
    her work is smashing.
    can't wait to go check out more of her lovely things!

  5. I bought one!!
    Yippee! They're going like lightning! I was waffling around, trying to justify my need for a $20 purse when I have sewing machine. And finally decided to get it. It's so pretty. :D
    Go katie. :)

  6. I love her purses. I've wanted to get one for awhile now.
    Her packaging is so sweet too. And I love the banner she made you. You have a good board as well!

  7. Wow, I can see why you're so excited. I just went to her shop, and see that she's currently sold out. There are only two little reserved listings for some lucky buyers! I hope she gets more up soon!!

  8. oh I'm such a huge fan ,and I was so excited to see her story on etsy today!! I was just gobbling up all the info about her..... she seems so very down to earth and easy going.......

    I have never seen her packaging before and you are right ... it is divine!

    have a great weekend! xo

  9. I noticed she was featured as I was browsing etsy this morning! I was so thrilled for her! I've placed several orders with her, and have adored everything I've received (and given as gifts!). She is truly a gem, and an inspiration.

    Hurrah for Katie...or Hank. :)

  10. just a couple weeks ago, i custom ordered one of my own madebyhank clutches, and oh-my-gawd you're absolutely right about her packaging and attention to detail.



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