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February 25, 2009

( link love )

today's link love features FONTS! i am a big fan of fonts. i think they are so essential in design. they really can make or break design. we had to take a couple typography classes in school, it was one of my favorite classes..next to packaging of course. the projects were fun because the emphasis was of course, fonts! anyway.. i've recently come across some great blogs and sites with free fonts and i thought i'd share some. free is always nice. be sure to check out these sites for lots of great fonts.

♥ diesel, misprintedtype.com.
designer Eduardo Recife at misprinted type is an inspiration. i love the artwork and all the fonts he offers. check out his site.

♥ pablo, bellaandedward.com.
i love the feel of this font.

♥ fling let, fonts101.com.
i really love this script!
(found through haley's lovely blog, bread of many.)

♥ JFFerrule, fontstock.net.

♥ geronto bis, smeltery.net.
be sure to check out the other free fonts available on this site.
(found through a wonderful blog, idiy)

i also came across this site, kevin and amanda, where she offers LOTS of free fonts that people submit to her and she turns them into fonts. what a way to offer inspiration and creativity. check our her amazing site! :)

9 hello's:

  1. Aaa, I love those fonts.
    Especially No. 4, I've got to think of project for that one.
    Thanks for posting these. :):):)

  2. Thanks for posting this! I love it when people link to free fonts I've never seen before. xo

  3. these are great!
    also check out yourfonts.com (if you havent already) to turn your own handwriting to fonts. i did mine. it was really simple and didnt take too long. :)

  4. Ohh pretty font sites. I love the Bella Swan one. It looks nice!

  5. Thanks for the post on fonts. I love fonts, too, and look forward to checking them all out.

  6. i was just thinking this morning that i should go browse for fonts, but that it would take too much time- but you solved my problem!

    thanks for these great links- kevin & amanda was so fun! and fontstock resulted in me finding a free version of a font that i've been hunting down for ages!

    such a productive post for me, thanks danni!

  7. Another site worth mentioning is www.yourfonts.com where you can make your own handwriting font.

  8. ooh, yay!! Fonts!! I love fonts too, and am seriously addicted to finding and trying different ones for certain things. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. :)

  9. Oh man completely forgot about Eduardo Recife. I have all his free fonts.


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