( photograph )

February 26, 2009


beautiful photos by jacqleen bleu.
they make me want to travel everywhere and take lovely photos ;)
order a print here.

5 hello's:

  1. I LOVE her photos! I won one of her prints on the blah blah blahg, and I chose the second on the left. It was a hard choice though, they are all so GORGEOUS!

  2. such a dreamy feel to them, just lovely.

  3. Wow. You know of so many great photographers. I love the one of the sky. Yesterday, the sky was that color.

  4. I love her photos! I would love to get a print sometime. Her photos are so dreamy!

  5. I adore the rich colors in these photos! So lovely! They make me want to hop a train and travel, too. :)

    Thank you for sharing! You always find the most beautiful things.


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