( lovely goods )

February 27, 2009

( lovely goods )

so this week's lovely goods all contain items that have to do with the special series for next week... just to get you ready :)

1. Crocheted Bracelet - Bold Little Floozy by GrandmaWasAFloozy, $16
2. Pink Multi Ruffle Curtain Panels by land of nod, $29-$39
3. bird cut armoire by anthropologie, $1898
4. macbook pro sleeve by freeze, €58.99
5. little baker print of original drawing by irenasophie, €16
6. POUCH - Antique style French Lace and Vintage Key by shupg, €29
7. White Lace 4 piece Magnet Set by HuntersHideaway, $8

2 hello's:

  1. I love that armoire!
    And I love that etsian: No.7.

  2. I have long been in love with that Anthropologie armoire. If I had any wood-cutting skills, I'd try to make one myself!


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