happy sunday:

March 1, 2009

hello to any friends who read this blog on sundays! i just wanted to let you all know about a nice giveaway happening at iDiY - a lovely blog. design sponge had a post about these paperwink address stamps and there's a chance to win one at iDiY. i really like the designs of all of them, and they're so affordable. but you could win a free one, so go an enter! contest ends march 4th.

don't forget about our giveaway, coming soon! just waiting on some prizes. :)

3 hello's:

  1. I love these!

    I have a question for you--where can I find cute and affordable invitations? I need them for our baby party. :)

  2. These are so great. I love these stamps. Thanks for posting!
    I went over and entered the drawing, I'm no. 188, I wonder what the odds will be when they do drawing...

  3. illusion that your comment! I love your blog, I read every day .. has a very personal style .. and the posts are very interesting ..


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