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March 2, 2009

lace: /leɪs/ [leys] noun, verb, laced, lac⋅ing. –noun.
ornamental cord or braid, esp. of gold or silver, used to decorate uniforms, hats.

hello friends! i'm starting off the series this week with lace. lace is definitely up there of one of my favorite elements/notions! i hope you enjoy these items/images, it was fun to gather them all! happy monday!

The Opulence Skirt, ArmoursansAnguish, $88

Lace trinket Dish with pink rose, dgordon, $20

Farmer's Lace Wrap Top, free people, $64.95

Lace Skimmer, urban outfitters, $19.99

sleep well, living etc, room inspiration

'Marney's Lace' Wallpaper, Louise Body, £58.00

white antique lace zipper pouch, forestbound, $24

Sudden Blush Lace Necklace, corrieberrypie, $17.50

Sally Floral Lace Shift Dress in Vanilla, lulus, $58

lacy bird bowl, princedesignuk, $22

mint mojito screenprinted lace cards, set of 4, cutiepiecompany, $12.50

lace brooches: these are so lovely!
i can't seem to find any other information on this artist though. :(

lace fence, DEMAKERSVAN
flannel grey antique lace, rowpinto, £95.00

Dulcet Vanilla Lace Skirt, lulus, $33

16 hello's:

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  2. It's all gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE lace...

  3. Very cute! I love when lace is used in a pretty, non-fussy way. Great picks!!

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  5. Beautiful! You have found some lovely items here. I adore the shift dress. But overall I'm really liking how it's used here =)

  6. everything here is so gorgeous!! Wonderful picks!! xo

  7. that lace fence is awesome!

  8. I'm so glad lace is coming back! I absolutely love it!
    (bit biased though)

  9. love those shoes! i need more flats and i never know where to look.

  10. Love your lacey finds! My favorite is the mojito screenprinted lace cards.

  11. What a perfect series. I can't wait for ruffles!

  12. oh! i love what you've done with the place! i'm excited for this new feature and drooling over the packaging goodness i've been browsing through tonight.
    happy lace!
    love, lindsay

  13. very cute!! i lof lacy bird bowl!!!!!!!

  14. how do you find all of these?!
    they're all stunning.
    so lovely & feminine!

  15. So very pretty!
    I love this stuff.
    Those shoes are lovely and I like that lace jewelry.


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