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March 3, 2009

delicate but strong 2 print, knitalatte, $12

Blooming Vine Scarf in Sweet Corn, fray: sold but still lovely inspiration!

Soft White Moon Bun, moonscreations, $10

Proud Mary Tank, free people, $69.95

Grand Daisy Pendant, TotusMel, $8

Janie Crochet Cardigan, delias, $39.50

textile cuff -nO.388, kjoo, $110

Minuette Top in Lemon, lulus, $35

Apple Jacket, handamade, $6.50

OrangeGreen Cushion, siMakery, $40

Golden Rosone Crochet Brooch with Bronze chain, creative yarn, $16

Amanda Crochet Huge Cowl Cowl, Neckwarmer, Cozy, Scarf, urartist, $35

stylish bedroom, living etc.

Spring Ring Catcher 2, fivetrees, $30

Decorate with Vintage Doilies, apartment therapy + country living.
so these aren't really crochet, well, some are, but how pretty!

Handmade sage green silk crochet hoops earrings, TaniaNovaCrochet, $21.99

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  1. how lovely are all these finds. I especially love those little bowls.

  2. I love these pieces! Thanks for sharing. I'm determined to learn to crochet. It's so beautiful. My mom and my grandmother are pretty good at it so I guess I have some good teachers (now I just need to find some time to do it! jeje)

    Thank you for the comment. I'll definately be posting up my list soon.

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  4. I am charmed with the textile cuff!! It is very original! cute images!

  5. loving this series! i have one to add to your crochet post. :)

  6. Hi Danni. I just wanted to let you know I am sort of new to your blog (I linked from somewhere a couple of weeks ago) and I just love your special series. The photos and links you share are all so wonderful and inspiring. I wish I could move into a couple of the bedrooms posted. =) I hope you are having fun hunting down all the inspiration. I happen to like your little headers/fonts too. Sweet! Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Wow, those stones with crochet lace on them are amazing! What wonderful finds.

    The apple jacket looks knitted to me but maybe it just shows how flexible crochet is.

  8. Thank you for featuring my crocheted cowl! Your site it awesome.

  9. Hi...
    I Love Apple Jacket.. it's great!!!
    Can I publish on my blog??
    I have a cooking blog


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