March 19, 2009

a little random post but in spending endless hours on the internet, it makes me feel this need to spend money. lots and lots of money! as i browse through so many creative things, find myself wanting to own everything! so maybe this can be my little outlet by posting these things. hopefully it'll be my therapy to fix my need to actually purchase something.

here is a list of late of items i really want to own, if i had a million dollars.
or even like, five thousand dollars.

cute pins from amy's shop: vanilla day.

a letterpress press.
(ok, i really want one and am seriously contemplating a purchase of a lovely press!)
image credit from here.

birds. for the wall.

holly stalder, why are all your fashions so amazing?

anything from this shop.

12 hello's:

  1. is that what a letterpress looks like? it's huge. when are you free? let's hang out for more than a lunch.

  2. That yellow dress is fantastic! I've been scoping out the Briar Press lately to check prices on those babies,too! Do you know how much it costs to get plates made?

  3. I have wanted a blackbird camera for a while as well but can't seem to justify the purchase since I am a total amateur photographer. Good luck to you on getting one soon though! I love the little pins as well; the doily and milk carton especially.

  4. You're probably well aware of this, but you could definitely make those birds yourself! Even if you already have one, you can turn it into a mold using Sculpey clay, and make more with that mold. Do it! Your wishes will come true!

  5. those swallows are pretty awesome. the idea from kt (above) is good, maybe i'll try that. nice finds!

  6. The Yellow dress is so pretty, and I want a letter press too :'(

  7. Thank you for featuring my French Lace bag and my shop on your blog! Happy first days of Spring and enjoy your weekend.
    Best wishes,

  8. I know the feeling.
    I'm a total mail-order addict.
    I live way out in the country (which I love!) which makes a trip to the city an event. I compensate by mail-ordering lovely goodies. :D
    Sometimes you find the best things online anyway. :):):)

  9. the birds...oh those perfect birds...I have one of those "blackbirds"....I have yet to develop the film...so curious as to how they will turn out...xo t

  10. Love that little blackbird camera!! How charming!


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