March 13, 2009

happy friday! nicholas sends me some video links that get passed around his work sometimes. some of it is pretty good stuff. i like to share them with you from time to time. here's a compilation of a few favorites of late, for you to enjoy over the weekend:

2 year project. this one made me pretty emotional, heh.

she's so cool.

for a laugh.

for some good music.

added sunday, march 15. i love popups! this is such a great concept.

to view the archives of other videos i have posted, (only the best of course) click here.

ps: don't forget our lovely contest ends today at 11:59 pst! have a great weekend!

6 hello's:

  1. i adore the oliver peoples video. and well, i'm glad that clumsy best man wasn't in our wedding!

  2. these are great!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. oh my, I absolutely love that singer. What a beautiful voice.

  4. =D I have a little surprise for you in my blog =0)

  5. Lisa Hannigan is such a great singer. My boyf absolutely adores her voice.

  6. ooh, that dream song really is dreamy.
    what a marvelous find. i need to look up more of her stuff!


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