March 12, 2009

hi friends! i'm sorry i haven't been posting the daily this week! last week sort of burnt me out, but it was an awesome series and thanks to everyone who posted comments - it makes me happy that you enjoyed it.

this week has been okay. 3 people i know lost their jobs last week and then one just yesterday. times are tough and you hear about it on the news, but it is crazy when it starts happening to people you know and love.

beyond that though, i feel like i am needing some inspiration and to just get going! my mind is everywhere thinking and preparing for craft shows this summer and wanting to come up with new designs and art beyond jewelry. i just want to learn and know everything all at the same time. i'm taking a sewing class (we're making skirts next week!) and a flash class at my local community college so hopefully i'll be able to bust out some legit websites very soon. i just wish i could do it now and not have to hassle with the next 7-8 weeks of classes. ;) i must learn patience.

i love this image:

found via this blog.

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  1. love that image. usually you see ones that say "everything will be ok" but this is so much more cheerful and reassuring. : )

  2. I like this. I might have to print it and put it on my inspiration string.

    I hope all is well with you and you dont' feel too burnt out. Have fun with all your classes. I'm in a class mood too doing a beginner dress making class =)

  3. No apologies necessary
    I know many ppl who are being laid off too and it really hurts to see others hurting and not know what to do or how to help
    But I hope and pray your craft fair and studies go well

  4. We do what we can. Being busy and learning everything you can is empowering. Your blog reflects your energies, and will only be that much more when you return!

  5. that is so true!
    everything is going to work out.
    maybe it won't be what you thought it was..
    it will be better.
    it will be perfect.

  6. xo Danni-

    i love that. especially since you know Jesus and know how this whole thing is going to end. it's gonna be more amazing then any of us could imagine.

  7. this really made my day. Thanks for sharing that quote :~)

  8. I LOVE this!! I think I need to use this as an inspiration and think of something to craft it on!!

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  10. i know exactly how you feel. this week has felt especially long and tiring. but i wanted you to know that i got the book on monday (super speedy shipping... THANKS), and it is just so lovely! you have such an eye for design. your packaging was also so darling. i'll let you know when i post about it on my blog. thanks for being so wonderful to work with!

    xo, lauren soderberg :)

  11. I hope you have a great weekend... you can do it. I know things are rough, but you will be ok. I know you will learn a lot in your flash class... but seriously, your web pages are already LEGIT!!! Take care.


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