( link love )

April 1, 2009

( link love )

♥ free downloads, poppytalk.
have you been around to poppytalk's free download section? there are lots of great resources and fun downloads available, check it out.

♥ 7 Abandoned Architectural Wonders, weburbanist.
this is kind of a random link but abandoned places always intrigue me. like, old ships or houses - it makes me wonder what kind of story there is behind it! anyway, these are really cool articles about 7 abandoned structures in asia. They also have 7 Abandoned Wonders of the World and 7 Abandoned Wonders of America.

♥ Ultimate Gmail Collection: tools and tips, make use of.
for all you gmail users, these tools are super handy. gmail is definitely the way to go. so if you haven't switched yet, do it! (nick is still on excite, ha. trying to get him to use gmail) i love it!

♥ Hand Carved Stamps Tutorial, geninne's art blog.
this is a super fun tutorial about carving your own stamps!

♥ 20 creative resumes, francesco mugnai.
for some inspiration.

5 hello's:

  1. Thanks for all the linkliness! I love discovering new blogery and sites!

  2. Same here! I love discovering new fresh blogs!

  3. Yes Danni always a treat! That rubber stamp one so cute, have your seen Lena Corwin's book and blog? I think you would like:)

  4. all of this is so great!

    Hope you had a great april fools day! :)

  5. urban decay, hand carving stamps and creative resumes - it's like you read my mind! beautiful as usual - thanks for the links!

    ♥ leel


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