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April 1, 2009

rip time.
We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Time. I remember Time well. We were friends once. Those were the best days. All the things I loved to do, I did with Time — watch mindless television, talk on the phone with friends, sit and think about life, play dress-up, spend time with my family, work out, blog and read blogs. With Time, I felt more balanced, more in control.

But now that my sweet Time is gone, I feel frustrated, overwhelmed. Oh Time, maybe it’s my fault for losing you, for letting you go. In many ways, I’ve chosen to be without you and now I’m beating myself up for doing so. I want you back, please come back. I can’t live my life without you.

( via michelle woo )

i love this. i feel like i can relate so well.
april is already here. time is flying by.
i need to slow down.
does anyone agree?
maybe we can all take some time this month
and be intentional about enjoying the things
in life that matter most.
(clock from andfurthermore)

4 hello's:

  1. oh for cute!
    this is so sweet & absolutely true.

  2. i wish time would fast forward so we could be friends!!

  3. first, i adore this clock. second, thank you for sharing this, and YES, i do agree!!


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