( lovely goods )

April 24, 2009

earth day: lovely goods.

eco-friendly goods to go with earth week.

the junkie tote - apple, flowers and mix tape by slutbag , $40
Hemp Linen Halter Dress by consciousclothing, $95
Not All Business headband by Cultivar, $42
White and Red Plaid Eco Pencil Case or Pouch by SoSheSews, $10
Green metro Circle Snack Sak - Resuable by WasteNotSaks, $6.25
4 Makeup Removal Cloths by EcoKate, $5

hope you had a lovely week friends.
see you monday!

2 hello's:

  1. I love that Green Metro Circle Snack Sak. Too bad they seem to have sold out...

  2. I totally want a slutbag! So cool and a funny name!


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