April 24, 2009

finally, an update! so it was a great week last week in san diego at vendor fair. it was a lot of fun meeting new people and selling our goods and getting our name out there! it was a week full of lemons, lots of jokes, and much talk about 'blog-worthy' things that we were going to blog about when we got back. but here are some images!

our little 10x10 booth, that i shared with my friend, steppie.

i should have put a backdrop up, since it's hard to see the table. but you get the idea.

top row is sophia! she was soooo sweet, she went all out! she is wearing the boom box necklace, the $7 shades i was selling, the leaf earrings (which you can't really see), and holding a robot necklace that i put on a black chain for her. (the robot was originally on a silver chain, it was a good collaboration)

birdcage! i made this while i was sitting at vendor fair, put it out, and tiffany bought it! she wore it right out, it was lovely!

2nd row is erin, a dear friend! it's so cool to actually meet people from etsy.

last pic is alison - she came back to my booth the next day wearing pete! (in grey)
she was adorable ;) and bought a few other things too..

here we are! esther is on the left, she was soooo amazing and let us stay at her place all week! i just met her through steppie too. steps is in the middle. and i think you know me ;)

so i had some flowers left and we are mean girls and made our boys wear them. jr (left) actually let us put 2 in his hair, haha. morris got in touch with his femine side ;) they were good sports about it. nick was kind of mad, hehe. i mean, that is such a mad-bear face!

the girls + boys. so nick ended up taking the train from orange county down into san diego, so he could ride back in my car with me! it was awesome. he actually ended up driving back to oc, and i got to sleep. he is so sweet. he knew i was so tired.

that's about all! steps actually posted about it on her blog as well, lots more pics! we are doing vendor fair at uc irvine next week so if you're in orange county, hope you can come out! then next weekend i'll be at unique los angeles, hopefully with a cool craft photobooth! (more on that later!) happy friday!

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  1. look like a blast! have a good weekend.

  2. look like a blast! have a good weekend.

  3. THis looks like such fun! I am glad it all went well!

  4. Adorable bird cage necklace!!

  5. looks so fun! your booth looks incredible.

  6. yey! It looks like so much fun!

  7. Ha! Looks like you had a blast, I recall when i had my booth in NYC for the first time at the Javits..I was PROUD and felt great! I never did one outside..maybe I will think of trying it. Looks like the guys were good sports too hehe

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  8. That does look like fun! I've been thinking about setting up shop at a craft fair, but I'm still a little scared...

  9. omg danni that looks so fun!! hopefully i'll see you on campus next week--it's midterms week for us so i might be kinda out of it. see u soon!

  10. it looks like you had such a fun time! we really need to meet up next time you're in town! i'm doing my first vendor fair soon, and although im nervous, seeing your pics put me a little at ease because it looks like you really enjoyed yourself! :)

  11. looks like so much fun, and you and your boy are so fantastic! You have the most beautiful smile! xo

  12. I just discovered your blog through Loveology but giiiirl, I'm in love already! It's so wonderful to just skip through all the different posts and get inspired by each and every one of them... :)
    The fair seems incredibly lovely, I wish I lived in America so I could've dropped by.

  13. WOW - beautiful blog & work! :)

  14. Bummer, I can't believe I didn't know about this! Where in San Diego was it? I'll have to start following your adorable blog for that illusive "next time".

  15. great blog! looks like you had a great fantastic day!

  16. Looks like a truly fantastic day!

  17. Hey Danni!

    omg i can't believe i didn't see you at the vendor fair!! so sad... oh well... glad you visited our campus!! I wish i could have said hello tho!


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