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April 27, 2009

hello friends, happy monday! just wanted to let you know about some upcoming shows if you're in the los angeles or orange county area!

so, this whole week i'll be at uc irvine doing a quarterly vendor fair that they put on! i'll be selling my handmade jewelry along with purses, scarves, sunglasses, and clothes. (not handmade, but still cute..) hope you can come check steppie and i out if you can this week at uci! it's from 8 or 9 am till 5:00 pm, monday through the end of friday!

then directly after uci vendor fair, we're heading over to unique los angeles for a hugeeee event (275+ vendors!) that's on may 2 & 3. check out their website for more information! nick and i attended this show in the winter and it was awesome! i have some extra passes if anyone wants to attend, leave a comment and i'll email you! otherwise, it's just $5 donation to get in.

may 17th is patchwork in orange county! patchwork is an established arts & crafts show that has been going on for years - it's a great showcase of all the artists in orange county. so mark it on your calendars!

i think that's all the news for shows here. have a lovely week!

7 hello's:

  1. Hi, I'm hoping to attend the Unique event this weekend and would love a pass. (By the way, I just ordered some of your goods last week, got them on Friday, and was so delighted. I especially love the red leaf bobbie that I ordered.)

  2. Hi Danni! I'd love a pass for me (and the hub if you have extra!). Let me know what I need to do! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Aw, UCI is my alma mater. I always loved the vendor fair! Wish I could sneak away...

  4. Ooh! I'd love a pass to Unique L.A., if you have any left

    littlegraypixel (at)


  5. Hi Danni!
    If you have any more Unique passes left, I could use 2 :). Ivy and I are going to be vendors at Patchwork also! Thanks --Myra

  6. ooops...4got to leave my email addy

  7. is it too late to get a pass?
    please let me know:
    love your blog!


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