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May 18, 2009


happy monday!
hope you had a wonderful weekend.
i went to a wedding on saturday, and did a craft show on sunday.
pictures to follow!

inspired by: lovely.
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chesley mclaren demoiselle collection +

love these letterpress business cards from oh so beautiful paper. +

teacup chandelier +

jam butter, yum. +
( via mustard and sage )

porcelain feather ornaments by noun +

lovely photos from karen mordechai +
( via mint )

la lumière du soleil +

yyellowbird +


kristy bee +

13 hello's:

  1. lovely finds- i am inspited :)

  2. the teacup chandelier is so pretty. greats finds (as always)

  3. That teacup chandelier is SOOOOO lovely! ANd I love that pic of the bench on the porch!

  4. I saw your lovely little booth at the Patchwork Indie arts & crafts festival in Santa Ana this weekend. You've got such lovely stuff!! You really should mention those things on your blog! I was caught off guard when I saw the booth!

  5. Hello! I happened upon your blog for the first time today [following a link via loveology] and I think your blog is wonderful! I can't believe I found so much pretty in one place (: I hope you have a lovely day!


    PS You should try the biscuit and jam butter recipe from the Sunday Suppers link. I made some yesterday and they were delicious <3

  6. I love the soft lighting in the links. They look so pretty together.

  7. Love the teacup chandelier!!!

  8. lovely, lovely, lovely, my dear.

  9. Love that tea cup chandelier and a neat idea to wrap up gifts!!

  10. adore the teacups and porcelain feathers...just found your lovely blog :)

  11. so many lovelies in one place! thanks for sharing and thank for including my fabric gift wrap:)

  12. such inspiration! it's too much!!


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