patchwork craft show in santa ana:

May 19, 2009

patchwork show: may 17, 2009.

so i didn't really follow up on the irvine show or unique los angeles, sad! so here are some patchwork show photos from sunday! it was a lot of fun! i had a great spot with the greenery behind me.

the set up:

the eyelit 2 tier plate is the newest addition to the table, i love it! got it off ebay. probably wasn't the best deal but it was just so cute, i couldn't resist.


my aunt linda drove out from la to visit the show: she always is such a great support and has come to pretty much all my shows! both my aunts are so crafty, they're inspirations!

my mom happened to be in town and came to my first show on her way back to stockton! and i forgot my business cards so she saved the day and brought me some.

at the top is mayra, she's crafty too :) then laura, she works at paper-source and is really sweet! 3rd photo is my partner in crime: steps! i really missed her, lol. after seeing her week after week, it was weird not seeing her anymore. and the last picture is ivy, nina, & myra - all lovely ladies. nina is planning another craft show in june! (handmade brigade!)


ok, so there were 2 highlights of the show. the first one was of these 2 simply ADORABLE little girls, they were cousins. they came and tried on my hair pins, so i just had to capture the moment. they both had tiny little purses and were just so cute.

this lady's bag was amazing! i was like, "cool bag!" and she was like, "it really works!" lol. what?! get out of here. so i guess you just have to plug it in to the wall but it totally works. she even took off the phone part and i pressed the buttons, lol. she said she got it at payless many years ago. crazy. so yep, this is a highlight cause..what a cool bag! they don't make 'em like they used to.

the bf's:

can't forget the supportive bf's. steppie and morris are our friend couple. i love that morris always wears steppie's new line of tees, so cute! and lastly, nicholas. what a great support and sweetheart. giving up his sunday to sit with me at my show and count change and load and unload and park the car while i get to set up and hang my banner and anything else i need him to do. he is wonderful.

so it was a great show. met new friends, made some new contacts. nick and i went to see star trek afterward - um, amazing!! if you haven't seen it, drop everything and go right now ;) hehe. i had a really hard time understanding the whole time travel thing, nick spent a good 15 - 30 minutes afterward explaining it to me, lol.

17 hello's:

  1. The two tier plate is gorgeous! Looks like a great time, so nice.

  2. I loved your booth and the indie arts & crafts fair! You should promote the places you go before going so we can follow you. :)

  3. Hi Dani!
    I think your booth was one of the cutest at the show! Just wanna eat all your pins off those yummy platters! anyhow, it was great to see you again this year. glad u got the bigger booth that you deserve! btw, you showed up on our blog too! :)

  4. Cute booth! I have the same birdie mirror and ikea trees :)

  5. wish i could've been there. everything looks so wonderful. i love your set up and all the tags and such. truly lovely.

    and you are a doll.

  6. lol yay photos!

    what up, partner in crime. :) i laughed at the star trek comment because during that part i kept whispering to morris, "i. dont. get. it." LOLLLL. but it all came to me after. i think. :)

    love you, miss you. <3


  7. loved to see your stall...beautiful display!

  8. Your stall is lovely, and you look so gorgeous too! I hope you did well and it is obvious you had fun! : ) Thanks for sharing!

  9. great setup! everything looks beautiful!

  10. Fantastic! It looks like such a wonderful day. Wish I could go to a show like that one.
    And it's always good to get bf support. With Star Trek I loved it as well and I had to get Jason to explain the time travel too. I'm always like that with time =p

  11. i have the same lovely tree from ikea that i hang all my own necklaces on! it's one of my favorite purchases.

  12. I just found your site tonight and LOVE it!

  13. Bravo! I so wish I could have seen this all live. You have such a great eye for packaging :)

  14. It's good to come from crafty stock. :D
    I wish I lived closer so that I could come and see your lovely booth+goods.

  15. Love your booth, you did such a great job!!!!!

  16. I missed this post! Looks like it was a great show! I love your booth... I wish I could have went and saw it in person! :)

  17. HI there!
    I just found your blog today! So lovely!

    I also just realized that I shopped at your booth at Unique L.A.! You and your boyfriend were super sweet when my 9 y/o daughter bought three items from your gumball machine. . .somehow (stroke of luck?) she managed to get three identical items. You guys quickly let her switch out the duplicate items...and she was thrilled! Thanks for that! It made her day!


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