( lovely goods )

June 24, 2009

( lovely goods )
lovely goods.
aka: my birthday wishlist ;)

so it's after my birthday. but some of these are things i can
still treat myself to, right? others are just things i can hope for..

Chocolate Gingersnaps from whimsyandspice, $8.50
yum! i love sweet things. and all the baked goods from
whimsyandspice look so delightful.

tall drapers cabinet from sundance, $1,895
this cabinet is simply fabulous.

Something Old Something New by bmjnyc, $1,250
i love this ring. i hope nick gets me something like this
to go along with a certain question very soon. ;) hehe.

L a r g e . S c a l l o p . P o u c h by patncake, $15
everything by patncake is so lovely.

pearl # 11 press.
i would love to own my very own press someday.

purse from made by hank.
doesn't everyone want to own a purse from the amazing katie henry?
yesterday her shop was stocked, today everything is sold out.

16 hello's:

  1. such great finds! {what a ring!}

  2. What a gorgeous collection. I'll take one each, please!

  3. such lovely thingd....I hope you get your question and the ring to go with it very soon!

    You two are beautiful together.....xoxo

  4. I love that ring too. It looks a little bit like the one Brian designed for me when he proposed. I love round-cut diamonds.

    And I LOVE Made By Hank!!!

  5. Awesome list! I have a table top letterpress machine so I hope you get one.

    AAnnnddd! I hope you get a ring and a question =) That would be amazing!

  6. that ring is exquisite!
    and HOW exciting!!!!!
    (and i'm sooooooo into that purse.)

  7. I love the large scallop pouch!

  8. Ooh! Number 3 is the best of them all! I didn't know you and Nick were thinking of that already. Way to go, I can't wait to hear about it when it happens...be sure to keep us updated.

    And I would LOVE a Made by Hank purse too.

  9. Hello, Hello Friend!
    I gave you a little award on my blog!
    Have an ace day!
    xx pip


  10. Hello. Just wanted to say that you have a lovely blog :)

  11. Just came across you're blog! I love it!!!

  12. love your list! especially your the golding pearl :).

  13. that ring is beautiful!!! im crossing my fingers for you!

  14. I will take it all ...wrap it up. Lovely!


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