out sick .. again!

July 14, 2009

medicine cabinet:
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hello friends,

i just don't know what is wrong with me. it feels like i was just sick with a sore throat. well, as a matter of fact, i'm sick again! this one is kind of worse. you know the kind of sick where you can't taste your food and your head has so much pressure you feel like it's going to explode? yep. lucky me..heh. but at least i don't have a sore throat. it really does make me appreciate my taste buds and i will never take them for granted again. i wish i could just taste food again! hopefully soon.

i slept all day yesterday. it is insane how much one can sleep when they're ill! i have slept a total of 30 hours in the past 36 hours, believe it or not.

i'm taking lots of tylonial cough syrup but it is such a tease! it helps for temporary relief, and then the headaches and naseua come back. i am really weird about taking medicine. i don't like it. i guess i just hope that i will get better on my own. or i have some weird feeling the medicine will make me worse. i'm the one that gets the bad side effects the labels say you might possibly get. yep, lucky me again. so maybe that's why i'm scared to take medicine.

i have no idea where this came from..well, maybe i do. i was at the renegade craft fair this last weekend. i was super tired, talking with lots of people, handling all the money, and looking back, i didn't wash my hands before i ate my lunch that day, ew. nick said it was inevitable i get sick. i felt strange immediately after leaving on saturday .. so on sunday my symptoms were really worse and it was sort of miserable. apologies to anyone who stopped by and chatted with me, i may not have been myself.

i just have to mention: nicholas has been the sweetest, taking care of me and everything. he even drove to my place during his lunch yesterday (which is a good 19 miles each way!) to bring me some fruit, crackers, and orange juice. (for some reason, i really wanted those things.) i don't know what i'd do without him. and the sad thing is, he will probably get sick from being exposed to me :( sad bear.

so according to the doctor when i went at 9 last night after having a bad fever, i have a sinus infection. totally have no idea what that is, so of course i looked it up on the internet ;) "could last up to 10 weeks" yikes! let's hope not. well, sorry for the long winded post about being sick.

anyway, i really want to do a follow up to the renegade craft show, it was so much fun! i met TONS of wonderful people. so hopefully i can get that up sometime this week. and i know i promised you swap details, so i will try to work on that! plus, i have to get better asap cause i'm hopefully doing the san fransisco renegade next weekend! but for now, i'm going back to bed.

i was able to get the 'weekly giveaway' up so be sure to check it out below ... you could win a lovely print from gabrielle kai!

have a lovely week dear friends.


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  1. You poor thing! Being sick is the worst. But Tylenol? You gotta stay away from that stuff! All it does is help get rid of the SYMPTOMS of your sickness, but the symptoms are actually your body's way of combatting the sickness, so by taking tylenol you are just delaying these symptoms which will just keep coming back until it's out of your system. You should keep with the oranges Nick is bringing you - and also lotsa water and tea!

    Get well soon. Sorry if I sound like a bossy mum, hehehe.

  2. Bummer. Being sick in the summer is the worst. Rest up and catch up on some girly movies.

  3. Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon! xoxo

  4. I can't believe you don't know what a sinus infection is? I've had a million in my life and they are icky. What a blessing to just be learning about them! I'm praying for you and hope that you recover quickly. I totally understand about not liking to take meds. I always feel like it would be better for my body to just heal in its own time, but sometimes that is too long. I hope you can make it to San Fran this weekend! I really want to meet you in person. But first- GET WELL!

    (And yay for wonderful guys who take good care of us.... ;)

  5. I've been plagued by sinus problems my entire life--one year I had five in a row, one every month for FIVE MONTHS and they told me that I should consider surgery. But I refused. I use a neti pot now to help me with mine, you should check one out! They're inexpensive and completely natural (salt and water make up the solution) and it makes you feel so much better after! Get well soon!

  6. Oh I hope you get better soon, that sinus infection really sounds horrible!
    And I'm glad you're still healthy enough to spoil us with such a lovely giveaway! :) Take care! x

  7. sinus infections are the worst! i am sending happy thoughts your way and wish you a speedy recovery! :)

  8. Wow! Sorry to hear about your luck kiddo. It sounds EXACTLY to a T what I had earlier this spring. It lasted 3 months!

    Month 1: Sore throat and icky-ness
    Month 2: Sinus infection
    Month 3: Influenza A!!! That's right, the flu. Yuck.

    I sure hope you can kick it before you catch the flu or some other illness. I swear you have to try the herb Echinacea. It comes in a tea or a pill and it helps boost your immune system so that you don't get sick yet again. I swear it worked for me!

    Hang in there! We'll be thinking about ya :)

  9. oh. I hope you'll get better soon. I've been sick to this week but I'm feeling better again. I know the feeling;)
    I think it's even worse for creative people, they feel like they are waisting time because they are sleeping all the time and all their senses are weak :D

    Keep it up.
    You'll feel better in a few days,
    I'm sure!

    warm hugs.

  10. Bummer! I'll be praying for you!!


  11. I hope you feel better soon!! Being sick in the summer is not fun.

  12. Yuck! Rest up, and feel better soon! Sinus infections are no fun.

  13. awwww friend....I'm so sorry that you are sick! Get better soon and get lots of rest! xo

  14. ohh...feel better soon!

  15. It sounds like you already got too far in this particular in fection for it (I hope the doctor gave you antibiotics), but you can really cut down on the length of a sinus infection AND the need for meds, with the neti pot that has already suggested to you. I don't get them very often, maybe twice a year, but when I do I got straight for the antibiotics cause they come on hard and fast and wipe me out. But when I have other sinus troubles, I keep them from developing into infections with the neti pot. It can be kinda gross sometimes, but it is well worth it.
    Feel 100% better soon!
    (Oh, and I ordered some things from your shop finally, I am so excited! : ) )

  16. Awwwwww :( I'm sorry!!! Hope you feel better soon!! LOTS of hugs!!

    PS. Sinus infections SUCK. I get them quite often and they're a pain.

  17. You poor lady, I hope you feel better soon.

  18. Aah, poor you... :(

    I truly hope you get well very soon, dear!
    I am sending you good, healthy vibes from here!


  19. that is so very sad. i just spent the past week sick as.... well, reallyreally sick. i am just coming back around. i hope you come back soon :)

  20. Sorry to hear you are sick. Summer colds are the WORST...lots of soup and rest for you! Feel better fast!

  21. Sweet girl feel better soon:)

  22. I hope you feel better soon!
    Remember to take some hand sanitiser next time lol

  23. Ohh no I hate being sick. I hope you feel better soon. Gather all our strength and get better. xx

  24. Sorry to hear you're sick,
    i hope you feel better soon!

    What a wonderful blog you have, full of inspiration and goodies for the eye :)

    Coming back to visit!
    Summerhugs from Norway

  25. Aww i'm sorry! You said you were feeling icky last weekend. I really hope you're doing much better and having a blast at SF Renegade, and you've just been WAY TO WELL to sit a home and blog.

    Feel better!!

    PS: Nick seems like a very sweet boy, who cares for you very very much. You've got quite a blessing there. :)

  26. Hope you feel better. Maybe a giveaway will cheer ya up. Check mine out!

  27. Ooh sinus infections are the worst. I get about one a year.

    Good thing you have such a sweet boy to take care of you!

    Feel better soon!

  28. hope you are feeling much better now!^_^

  29. Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

    Kiss from Melbourne

  30. Aw, hope you feel better soon! I love your beautiful etsy things! xx



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