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July 20, 2009

follow up!
renegade los angeles.

hurray for renegade!!

so renegade los angeles has come and gone. it was fabulous. shared a booth with steppie, my official show buddy. we had an awesome space, look how close it was to the renegade table! (and caught sue + danny in the pic, they're awesome for putting all the renegade's on!)

( picture taken by valerie! )

and i met jessicajane, finally! she is so lovely in person. she has the most lovely red hair! lol. and valerie, who is such a dear + so sweet! be sure to check out jessica + valerie's posts about renegade as well. we jumped into the photo booth, which was fun ;)

( thanks for the pics, ladies! )

and friends!

it is so much fun to meet friends + blog readers at shows!

- janelle, from things that are made. a fellow believer and such a sweet person! she drove a good couple hours to attend the show! it was such a great surprise to meet her!
- myra from double sided tape, who is such a supporter of handmade: she comes and supports all the shows and always scores the best finds!
- traci, from bride vs groom: a current bride planning her wedding! thanks for the support friend!

i also met audrey from urbanic paper, but totally forgot to take a picture with her! but she was the sweetest and had the most adorable little boy ;)

anyway, that was fun. hope you to meet you at a show sometime!

here are some pics of the table:


okay, and the postcard machine, which is such a purely genius, brilliant idea! you insert $2, and a real person is inside and talks to you in 'robot' voice and gives you a postcard! okay, i'm probably explaining it really poorly, so just watch the video of nicholas getting a postcard ;)

the postcard machine:

( thanks for uploading it steps! )

and lastly, my dearest nicholas, who is such a great support of all my shows: gives up his weekends to sit with me, drives, carries things, even sells things for me while i leave my table - he is quite the little salesman .. + cutest gnome ;)


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  1. Hahaha, love that pic of Nick as a Knome, heheheh. Looks like a fun show! Glad that you had fun and met people!

  2. i am glad to have finally met you too!!! i cant wait til things settle down and we can hang out. i finally got a kitchen table so my place feels a little more homey...come over for dinner sometime!!

  3. Looks like it was so much fun! I wondered if you might be willing to share where you had your banner and signs made...I am opening an online baby store and plan to attend a local baby fair and have been investigating where to have a banner made. Yours is so cute!

  4. That postcard machine is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I had been able to make it!

  5. Wow your booth is so pretty! I love how well prepared it looks, with all the pin-holding-cards nicely lined up, and the necklace prices in different colours... Wonderful!
    Oh and the yellow tote bag seems quite lovely as well!

  6. That looks amazing and like such fin! The gnome photo board and the talking postcard machine is SOOO close to the "Live Fortune Teller" machine I want to do. It is good inspiration! Looks like you had a fabulous time! : )

  7. Thanks for the juicy scoop on Renegade. Total rad! I loved the postcard booth video. Too fun.

  8. It was so nice to meet you! I LOVE all my jewelry from you and have gotten so many compliments from friends, especially on the tree necklace. I always direct them to your Etsy shop. :)

  9. That postcard machine cracks me up! Dani, I'm so glad you're feeling better, and it was so good to meet you! And your booth was lovely!


  10. ps-will you email me the picture of you & me? i want to blog about the craft show too :) Thanks!

  11. oh my looks like such fun! That postcard machine is awesome!!

    I truly hope we can meet up glad so many people got to get together! xo

    oh and....I love how sweet your man is to you......looks like you got a good one:)

  12. so cool, man now I really wish I went!

  13. danni!

    ok, too much good stuff about this post:

    1. nick as a gnome got me and morris laughing hard for a good few minutes. A+

    2. you got some awesome shots of your table!

    3. i can't wait to hear how SF went!

    4. you didnt post photos from our photobooth :( lolll do you have the digital one or should i scan it?

    i loooove you!


  14. This looked like so much fun! I would love to visit you at a show one day (when I ever go to the US). How cute everything looks. And that postcard machine is fantastic!

  15. So much work! Wow, you are pretty great, you know that? And Nick does make a sweet little gnome.


  16. You're booth looks so cute/happy.
    I wish I could have visisted it+hope that it was a great success. :)

  17. I had so much fun coming to see you at the craft fair! Your table was the cutest!! <3

    Can't wait to participate in the lovely package exchange!!


  18. The postcard machine is so cute! can't wait to see you at the party!


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