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July 23, 2009

so today's resource is a collection of free downloadable fonts!

ffonts.net - a great collection of fonts.
instantshift.com - 50 Free Handwritten Fonts
myinkblog.com - 10 Awesome Free Script Fonts.
how about orange - free stitch fonts.

10 hello's:

  1. thanks for the links! I love fonts! :)

  2. This is fabulous. I adore new, free fonts. Now if only I had Photoshop so I could make really pretty things like you! : )

  3. oooh, I found some fonts that I haven't seen before! Love it. Thanks Danni!

  4. Thanks for these links. I also like dafont.com

  5. Oooh such prettiness! <3
    The 'Home sweet home' font is really amazing!
    Just a bit sad i have absolutely NO clue how to use them. I tried once but it was a disaster... ;)

    Thanks so, so much dear friend for your email!
    I will reply once my head is a bit more empty.

    Can't wait for the swap!
    Oh, do you participate yourself too? ;)


  6. Am glad I stumbled upon your lovely blogsite, Danni :) Thanks for sharing the links, too!

  7. Thank you so much, danni! Mia and I are fine! She called me about your lovely package exchange, so excited!
    You really are lovely, and your Blog is beautiful. Oh, I have so much technology to learn...! ~Kathy

  8. danni
    you are the best. thanks for finding such fabulous freebies. now off to upload fonts. xo.

  9. lovely danni - just what a font-aholic like me needs - many thanks!



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