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July 8, 2009

my 4th of july sale was chosen for the 'etsy finds' articles this past weekend, it was so exciting! when i found out, i busted out my camera and took 150+ photos of new items to add to the shop (i am terrible at adding new items, i have so many things just sitting around) and added 40 new items that day ;) sold lots of compass necklaces and i now have 2,000 favorites and hit 1,000 sales! wow! i never thought i'd ever sell so many things. thank you etsy! and thank you friends, for supporting my blog + shop!

here are some new things added to the shop:






happy wednesday!

lovely package exchange
details coming tomorrow!

28 hello's:

  1. Wow, Danni, congratulations! What a huge milestone! And how FUN!! :)

  2. well deserved adoration... congrats!

  3. Congrats!
    Now stop listing all these "pretties".
    My husband and bank account are going to kill me!

    I love your compass necklaces, we just sold our compass mini painting a couple of weeks ago, and it was one that I didn't want to let go. The compass is such an important symbol to a hobo like myself. :)

  4. Congrats! You seriously deserve it. Your etsy shop was one of the first I ever found and I've added so many of your items to my favorites list. I absolutely adore the peach and aqua necklace (third down) and desperately want to save up to buy it! That's my favorite color combination.

    Keep up the great work, and I'm so happy others are recognizing how great your shop is!

  5. Awesome work Danni! You deserve it!! Your shop and your blog rock my socks :)

  6. Congrats! About to check out your shop now!

  7. UGH. It's all so cute. I want to own it all. *sighs*

  8. Ohh, all you jewelry is so my style! I must buy some.

  9. Hello sweetheart!

    Wow, that's such great mews...congrats dear, you truly deserve it. Both your items, the photography (and of course your amazing blog) are truly beautiful and worth all of the attention they get.

    Thank you so much Danni, for also visiting my blog and for leaving such sweet comments. It means a lot to me!

    I am not sure now, if you've already seen my last post, i just posted today.
    I decided to open a shop on Dawanda. I just had my first sale already! I never expected that and am all excited! :)

    I decided to not open a shop on Etsy, because of the fact you GOT to have a creditcard to open up a shop at Etsy. I don't have a CC, nor do i want one. It's not normal like in the US here in Holland, to have a creditcard...

    Sorry this is such a long message...

    I'd really appreciate if you could take a look at my Dawanda shop and tell me, very honestly, what you think about it. What you like, what you don't really like and what you're missing in the shop that would fit in with the rest of the things i sell.

    I warn you: the photography is not so good. Some people on the Dawanda forums already told me that and of course i can see that myself too. It's mainly the camera i have, it's a quite cheap digital cam and it just doesn't make nice pictures. Also, i cannot work with photoshop...My bf can, but he just doesn't have the time to help me out with all of my photos.

    And the mistake i make more than once, is to make a photo too busy, because i want all kinds of things on the picture, because i like them all and want to create this kind of 'shabby/vintagey' style i like so much.
    Of course the pic has to be about the item listed, so it has to be alone and centered on the pic (so they told me) and a white or very light background. When i make those kind of photos with the camera i have, they turn out really horrible...

    I am asking for your opinion, ideas and hopefully some tips, because i truly love your style and you seem a very calm and clever girl who can be very professional when it's needed.

    So, i ask you these things, because i just know i will really do something with your feedback and tips and because i think you also know what kind of style i like and would like to represent in the shop.

    I am lready looking forward to reading about the swap details tomorrow...can't wait to to my first ever swap and then such a good one to start with!

    Oh, i added you on Dawanda to my favourite sellers, maybe you can find me easy because of that?
    Otherwise, the shop is just also called Loveology and my username is mila84.

    Sorry for making such a huuuuge comment and talk mainly about myself. :(
    I just really need some good (critical) feedback and tips for the shop so i can give it a more positive vibe.

    Only if you have the time and like to do this and to share yourown experiences.

    Thanks in advance, dear.


  10. Congratulations! Love those rings.

  11. Dang girlie, congrats! :D

  12. Congrats!

    That lemon sherbet necklace is beautiful...!

  13. this is so fantastic friend! I'm so happy for you!!

    Everything is gorgeous.....xoxo

  14. i love the new pieces. is the first necklace already sold out? i don't see it in your shop.

  15. That is so exciting! Congrats. Your photos and products are so beautiful!

  16. Congratulations! I've just return to your shop and oh there are so many things I wished to have!

  17. i love everything - so sweeeet! i put up a little post on the blog ; )

  18. Danni...congrats on the spotlight. That's wonderful! I hope you continue with your happiness and success. Also, I watched your aunt's interview yesterday. My deepest sympathies on the loss and marking another year without your cousin/her daughter. I hope the message of drinking and driving starts to hit home and save lives. Thanks for sharing their story. xo

  19. I love the bobby pins and the rings...really nice! Congrats :)

    xox, mavi

  20. that is so great and inspiring!
    congrats....your stuff is lovely!

  21. Going to check ou tthe new things in the shop now. Congrats on the spot! : )

  22. congratulations! very cute stuff added...checking it out right now!

  23. Aw, congrats! Seriously, your shop is one I check on a WEEKLY BASIS. I kid you not. I can't wait to check it and see the new pretty things you put up. :) Also, I can't stop wearing my adorable branch necklace - it's my new favorite!

    Jay: "Is that an antler?"
    me: "No, you freak of nature, it is a branch."
    Jay: "Really?"
    me: "Yes, really, now leave me alone until you can appreciate a good branch necklace."


  24. congratulations! your photography of your items is beautiful :) as are your blog and designs! :)

  25. those necklaces are gorgeous!!

  26. Hello, you. I'm sorry you're sick again. That's such a drag. I hate colds and such in the summer.

    Oh, and I went to go buy your great whistle...but you were out. Will you be having this item again soon?


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