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August 28, 2009

happy friday! :) what are your weekend plans? tomorrow bright and early i am heading to the los angeles printers fair! then nick and i are hopefully going to head out to this lovely friend's place for a bbq! so here are a few weeks for you to browse this weekend:

1) vintage glam at great full day. i love this post, the dresses are just gorgeous. and i love this blog!

2) wild poppy giveaway at a room somewhere. one lucky winner will receive this awesome alphabet print! so pretty.

3) 30% OFF everything at the kitchen shoppe. jennifer's shop is so lovely and she is moving! so everything in the shop is 30% off, hurray! i heart vintage.

4) city of you at city of dionne. okay, this is my favorite friday post. dionne describes her ideal city, where the mayor gives her free cupcakes, her husband gets off work at 2, and everyone dresses in costumes to football games. LOL. then you describe your city! it is fun reading everyone's descriptions and writings. such creativity :)

5) paper pastries giveaway at the bright side project. i first saw margaret's line of stationery at renegade los angeles, but she wasn't at her table so i talked with her boyfriend. but then i met her at our blog social, and she is the sweetest! three lucky winners will receive a big package of her amazing designs!

have a wonderful weekend!!

ps: right-click on the blog is back - i decided if someone is going to steal my blog content, well, that's just sad. and i do care more about my readers and what is comfortable for you guys! xo.

7 hello's:

  1. can't wait to check out thee sites!

  2. awwww danni! you're so sweet. thank you so much ;)
    have a great weekend!
    <3. jennifer

  3. Hahahaha - that's me reading a book! Yay! Thanks for the blog love, and I LOVE the city you described. Lots of fun - i think cupcakes seem to play an important role in both our towns, hehehe.

    And I love Lindey's blog too! One of my faves! Off to go check out the rest!

  4. Thanks so much for the blog love! The dresses in that post are just so gorgeous I had to share! Hope you have a happy weekend!

    { Lindsey }

  5. I saw that beautiful vintage dress yesterday and fell in love. I will have to go back for another look-see. I want to get married again so I can wear it! Please.

    My weekend? I am having a facial this morning... and then I want to get started on some Spring cleaning and decluttering. I feel like my house is taking over me. Need to get on top of that.

    I'm sure there will be visits to the park and walks on the beach in between all that.

    Have yourself a super wonderful weekend. x

  6. thanks so much for the mention, i appreciate the clicks! :)

  7. Thanks for these; I've already been busy clicking away. Your blog is simply gorgeous :)


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