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September 17, 2009

i came across some fun apps for download and went download crazy. so i thought i'd share my favorite 10 apps for the iphone, for any of you with iphones. enjoy :)

a really fun app that includes some major classic novels. they are adding more with free updates as well. only .99 cents!

i LOVE this app! you simply jot down 5 things you are grateful for each day. only .99 cents. found via lindsey's blog: greatful day.

a neat app that tracks all things for your car! mpg, car maintenance, and lots more! i always forget when i got my oil changed so this is pretty handy. $6.99 and rated 4 stars!

NOTES GALORE! notes, lists, audio notes - everything you need to keep track of whatever! and best of all, it's free.

one of the highest rates apps for twitter on your phone. this app does practically everything the web version does and it handles multiple twitter accounts. a great deal for only $2.99. note: twitterrific is free if you don't want to pay.

i love all the photo apps for the iphone - this one is pretty neat though. 10 fun filters for your iphone photos. only $1.99.

7. Color Stream:
a beautiful color tool that allows you to create color palettes either from scratch or generated from a photo! sweeeet! ;) $2.99.

8. TiltShift Generator:
a neat app from - this app allows you to shift various effects of your photos to make lovely vintage style images. only .99 cents! also has toycamera, old camera, and quad camera - i downloaded all of them. they are all really fun apps. see the toy camera flickr group for lots of inspiration and be sure to see their blog.

9. Awesome Note:
another note app but this one allows you to organize into folders and everything - has themes, seems legit! $3.99

10. Pac Man Lite:
pac man. free. need i say more? note: lite = only 1 level. but oh well, its still fun :)

anyway, do you have any lovely iphone apps you can share? i want more! ;)

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  1. Thank you for this post! I am about to get an iphone as a gift, which is lovely. But I am clueless as to what apps to put on it! I was thinking of the Pandora app, but I am excited to check out the ones you wrote about too :)

  2. Thank you for doing a post on apps! I love Camera Bag. I'm going to add that to my iPhone right now!

  3. I wish I had an iPhone! The apps for Blackberry don't even come close to how awesome these are!

    Also I'm not sure if you're a Disneyland junkie, but if by any chance you are, you should check out the wishing stars app. It's a scavenger hunt that uses your GPS to see if you actually found the item based on the clues. :] Pretty cooooool.

  4. Those are some neat apps, I love the first one. I love the NY Times app and NPR app, for my train commute each day, the NPR app also streams live, and you can listen or read.

    Another fave is the iLike Concerts app, its an update of all concerts in your area, but it also has a "My Artists" category that is just musicians from the music you have on your iPhone.

  5. iphone is one of my best purchases ever! I seriously have never had a better phone and would never want to change it :)
    I downloaded pac man a while ago, but it really sucks it has just one level. Anyway, I was trying to upload a photo to my twitter account (I use qTweeter) and it kept failing, so I'm gonna try the one you recommend :)

    There is an application called "Pandora" it basically creates a radio stream and plays songs similar to your favorite ones. It is a really great way of finding new music. unfortunately I couldn't download it but I've used the website they had a couple of years ago that did the same thing. Oh, and it's free too :)

    have a lovely day, dear! xo

  6. i loved this post!
    i've had my iphone for a few months but havent really had time to explore and find any good apps. and you have some great recommendations! thanks! )

  7. Don't you just love the Iphone! I don't know what I would do without it!

  8. we're getting an iphone soon and these apps are great motivation!

  9. I need an iphone! I love the gratitude one! Just adorable.

  10. Oh goodness, my boyfriend has an iphone and I want so badly to rise above all the hype and say I don't need one, but to be honest...this post made me fall in love with them!

  11. These are coool apps! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  12. These are coool apps! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  13. you are so cool! this is a really great & useful post, i am downloading two of these now. :)

  14. I'm getting an iphone tomorrow...yay! Thank you for posting about these iphone applications...I will keep them in mind! =)


  15. Freaking iPhones. Only makes me want one more.



  16. danni, it's like you read my mind. I have an iphone and have so few apps as I never take the time to explore. thanks for taking the time to share your favorites — helps me cut right to the best ones!

  17. These are so much fun! I hadn't heard of any of them and quickly downloaded a few. Thanks!

  18. hehe pacman is great. i just added it for my flight from sydney to vancouver.
    i can't wait to check out the notes ap! thanks, danni. :)

  19. i got the camera bag app! and i love it! thanks for sharing :)

  20. Thank you for this! I just got one and have no idea what apps to get. The hubs has all boy ones. AH ha

  21. Thanks for this lovely list. I knew some of them, and I am sure I will get to know the rest of them also :)

  22. I just got my iphone and I was SO happy to know that our beloved Oh Hello Friend was able to recommend some apps for like minded crafty gals!

  23. Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

  24. 10 lovely iphone apps is a great collection of the useful and helpful apps,,,,,great work done,,,,,,thanx for sharing this information


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