happy friday:

September 18, 2009

image from here.

happy friday dear friends!
my cousin is getting married tomorrow!
i'm very excited for her and i love weddings :)
i'm going to get my hair cut this afternoon.
this always makes me nervous...
and i never know what to do with my hair...

update: do you like my new haircut?
i always get it the same every time..
but its nice to cut off all the split ends ;)

anyway, tell me about your weekend plans!
here are a few lovely links for your weekend reading:

blue moss * have you been to this blog? if not, you simply must head over. it is full of pretty pictures and inspiration!

joanna goddard's honeymoon photos * sigh. looking through these make me want to go to italy + greece! what fabulous places to go for your honeymoon!

little people * mini scenes. tiny people. i love this project and blog. (found via you are my fav)

mer mag * lovely black, white, + yellow party! i want to go to a party like this :) so clever!

tree house point * would you get married in a tree house? maybe if it were this mega tree house, hehe. how fun! i would love to visit here someday..and it's in my favorite city ever, seattle! (found via c is for charmed)

24 hello's:

  1. you're right Blue Moss is quite nice! Great photos! Have fun at the wedding- they're always a great excuse to get dressed up and remember love <3 Ps. I love your Etsy shop! Very cute.

  2. Oh I adore the picture you included! How cute is the tiny deer?

    Have a magnificent time at your cousin's wedding tomorrow, and good luck at the hairdressers!

  3. Happy Friday!
    I love that top picture so adorable now I'm off to check out those links :D

  4. ah, nice links!

    i'm enjoying my very last weekend in the US! GAH!

  5. I love weddings too! Being able to be cute and celebrate happiness is something everyone needs :)
    Have an amazing time!

  6. Ooo thank you for the link list- that should keep me busy for a bit! :)

    I adore your blog, wonderful posts!

  7. Lovely photo :)
    Your hair looks gorgeous.
    Thanks for the links. Will definitely check them out.

  8. such a cute picture. and loving Joanna's honeymoon photos!!!

  9. happy friday friend!!

    have fun at the wedding! xo

  10. You look pretty!

    Today, I went to the library's semi-annual sale. I found 4 great books for less than $5. :)

    Tomorrow, I am going to an antiques market at a nearby city. Let's see what I find.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  11. happy, happy weekend...
    have fun at the wedding..
    and that's for the super sweet shout-out!!! :)

  12. Lovely pic, so so cute! Have a great weekend! x

  13. You are such a pretty face! (my hair-style is quite similar but shorter) ;O)

    What weekend plans? here in Greece is raining non-stop ;O(

  14. awesome links, thanks. you look smashing. i'm supposed to start cracking on my school work but i got a migraine attack so nothing has been done since i've slept half the day away. bleh. hope you're having a great time now.

  15. Adorable hair! I do the same thing - get the same cut every time. But seriously, we've all had enough bad hair cuts in our lifetime to know what works and what doesn't.

  16. The picture at the top is adorable. I love your blog so much <3

  17. you look gorgeous with your new haircut! and thank you so much for the link love. have a great weekend! xoxo

  18. Your haircut looks great! I hope you have a great time at the wedding!!

  19. Great haircut,have fun. I am taking a screenprinting class this weekend.

  20. Your hair looks lovely Danni! I hope you're enjoying your weekend, thanks for round up!

  21. i love your hair cut! i've never had hair that long before but i'm growing mine out for a wedding!
    my weekend was crazy busy and i feel like i need another weekend to wind down.
    there was a birthday partay, work, susan g komen race for the cure and photography work!!


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