surprise baby shower:

November 23, 2009

ok, this is SO very long overdue but i just had to post this fun little story :) a couple weeks ago, we had a surprise baby shower for our dear friend, ruby from cakies! it was planned out perfectly. linda, helen, & ellen and i met and immediately had all sorts of ideas for how we would plan a surprise shower for ruby's #3 on the way. here's how it went:

classic face. she was totally surprised. and a little confused ;)

video capturing the moment. love it!

some of our decor!

so our 'theme' was school books - linda being a school teacher naturally came up with this brilliant idea. we had kids books that themed the food we got.

a beautiful hand sewn pendant banner made by helen like, 40 minutes before the shower. she is legit!

i love these action shots. linda is explaining to ruby
how we planned everything. helen's huge smile is
awesome as all the plans are coming out ;)

so cute.

linda, ruby, me, helen
(linda has the most cute engagement story: read here!)

ok, totally love this shot - i think rj took it.
it is such a blogger thing. all of us bloggers know.
we all had our cameras out.
between the 4 of us taking pictures, we probably have
10 pictures of each different food.
but i love the different takes on everything.

jenny took this image.. i love the foreground but
also nick and i are in the background on the phont
with his sister ;)

so that was our surprise party!
so fun.
and so lovely to plan something for
someone who is so amazing.
and i just met ruby through blogging!
i love blogging too.

i cannot take credit for all these lovely photos.
many are by: helen, rj, and jenny!

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  1. So cute. I love your blog, you seem so nice and down to earth and your blog is just adorable. :) Keep it up!

  2. what a sweet thing to do for a friend. all of the food is too cute and looks so yummy and your decor for the party is fantastic!

  3. aww what a nice surprise, i love the decoration and invites!

    your blog is great, i posted about it on my blog :D

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  5. How cute! And what a great theme. I love it. These photos are just great, especially the second to last one with the chick taking the photo. Blogger so know how to help eachother out with the photos ;)

    Happy Monday!

  6. this is most certainly the cutest, sweetest baby shower I've ever seen!

  7. What a fantastic idea for a shower! DId you have any other book-food combinations that were not pictured? It's all so very cute.


  8. So fun! I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend next month so I'm taking notes on what you all did. So cute!

  9. Great concept, great decorations, & I love that someone recorded her reaction. :D

  10. oh god it looks so much fun!!

  11. this is a truly genius idea. i love it! maybe once i have babies i'll have to hint to my friends that this is the shower i want :). so much creativity!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue dress. Do you know where I can buy it?

  13. What a sweet thing to do!
    I love the pendant banner and the pictures themed with the cookies!


  14. Love the decor! Perhaps, you could all start a party business! Or you can just travel to Az & throw me one! =)

  15. How cute! I love how surprised she was!

  16. you guys did such a good job with the surprise and food!!! all the pictures are very nice!

  17. That is SO sweet and awesome all at the same time!!!

  18. danni, i love you!!! this was super fun and i'm glad we all got to have such fun doing this :)

  19. i love theme of school books incorporated into the food! :) my friends and i threw a baby shower this past weekend but not as creative as this one hehe

  20. and congratulations on your engagement! how exciting! :D

  21. haha...i loved it all! even my face!!! seriously... you guys are the best!!! i am very blessed to call you my friend!!! xoxo

  22. Yay, these are great! It all looks so pretty!

  23. Ooh, I really like Helen's belt! I wonder where she got it.

  24. OMG! You guys are too cute! Everything is so chic. The decor, the goodies. What an amazing group of friends!

  25. Great concept, great decorations...
    The pictures are very nice!

  26. This very interesting subject!


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