November 25, 2009

what i am thankful for:

my Savior.
"I believe in Christianity as I believe that
the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but
because by it I see everything else."
- C. S. Lewis
(image source: j.a. smith)

my family.
who love me and support me,
they're always there for me.

i could write a billion words on him.
but i am so blessed that i get to be his wife!!!

simple reminders.
(image source: breathe. )

love. without it, where would we be?
(image source: kattenmeisje)

travel. and the opportunity to escape to beautiful places.
(image source: cachemireetsoie)

post is inspired by lindsey, greatfull day:
who did a whole series on 26 days of thanks.

what are you thankful for?

give thanks.
hope you have a wonderful day
dear friends!

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  1. What a sweet and well thought post. Very inspiring, to trigger thankfullness in all of us.
    Hope you and your family have a terrific thanksgiving weekend!

  2. What a cute little post :)
    I am thankful for my family, my dog (hehe), and all the beauty of the world!

  3. this is for sure one of my favorite thankful posts that i've read ♥.

  4. I love that you love Jesus and aren't afraid to say it on your blog. :) We have much to be thankful for, indeed -- and your blog is one of the things I'm thankful for! Thanks for posting such beautiful and inspiring things!

  5. What a beautiful post. Thank you.

    God bless & have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving!


  6. I love this post Danni!! Maybe I'll do one too ;)

  7. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving dear!

  8. beautiful post both visually & for the soul :)!! Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Beautiful post! I'm so flattered that my little blog inspired you. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Dani!

    { Lindsey }

  10. I love love love that first quote by C.S. Such good inspiration (:

  11. I love this. I think we have a lot in common. Our glorious Savior right down to peppermint lip balm- I think it's why I like your blog so much!
    I've been trying to be extra thankful recently- not because of Thanksgiving "hype" but because God is good. Ponder this:

    "If tomorrow all you had was what you thanked God for today- what would you have?"

  12. I love the quote you have posted by C.S. Lewis. :) Thanks for that.

  13. Oooh, sooo sooo sooo nice and lovely...thank you!

    I am thankful for my friends who inspire and support me, for my health, for the luck I have, for the internet to play on, for my family...and so much more!

    Have a great thanksgiving!

  14. I am thankful for being able to find love again after a hard separation...
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Lovely post !

  16. You have a beautiful family! Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, Danni!

  17. have a happy thanksgiving, danni!


  18. wonderful post! there is so much to be thankful for!

  19. What a wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving, Best wishes

  20. You are so precious. Thanks for sharing the things you are thankful for. It is inspiring! My the Lord bless you and keep you and let His light shine up upon you!

  21. your blog is so unbelievably cute! this post is beautiful x

  22. Hello again!

    Just wanted to let you know I emailed you (finally-sorry it took so long hehe)


  23. Lovely post! It always good to be grateful for things, people & life itself!

    Very motivating!



  24. Thank you for capturing the essence of Thanksgiving. I too am thankful for the mercy and grace of our Saviour.

  25. Hey there!

    I'm having another giveaway on Moon Face, and thought you might want to enter! :)


  26. Beautiful sentiments. I particularly like the C.S.Lewis quote and the photo. I've enjoyed reading you blog for some time!

  27. Such a great and loveable post, dear Danni.
    I agree with you on most of the things you are grateful for.
    How important love is. Love for God, for your family, friends and also for yourself. (Need to work on that last thing though...)


  28. i love this post
    thank YOU for sharing your beautiful blog with the world xox

  29. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and for being a light.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. i really do agree with C.S. Lewis. i'm thankful the Father never forsook me and drew me back into His light.

  31. Thanksgiving is over but SO MANY things to be Thankful for everyday! :) Love this post!

    I have TWO questions:
    1. What is the name of font you used for Thanksgiving? It is GORGEOUS!

    2. How do you upload Flickr Images onto your blog posts? I have tried couple of times to save the Flickr images to the desktop and it didn't work.

    Hope to hear back from you soon! I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


  32. What a beautiful post. And your family is just gorgeous!


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