holiday shop trade guide:

December 11, 2009

( holiday '09 shop trade guide )
the '09 shop trade guide is here :) i think there's still enough time to trade for gifts this year! click on the link below to view the guide and see all the shops that are trade-friendly...if you missed the guide, just leave a comment with your shop link if you are open to trades as well. if you don't have a shop, this kind of also makes a great holiday gift guide.. for the ladies ;) enjoy!

how trading on etsy works: see something you like. message the seller to see if they'd be interested to trade. send them your shop link. figure out a fair trade. and please do not be offended if someone says no... (if i left anything out, please message me!)

trade guide: fav's.
(1) atlantic treefox:
(2) the velvet bird:
(3) by belinda:
(4) nan lawson:
(5) sew lola:

trade guide: edibles + kids.
edibles + kids:
(1) Fancy Lady Gourmet:
(2) Poppy and Peony:

paper goods.
paper goods:
(1) Quotes & Notes:
(2) Bread of Many:

trade guide: vintage.
(1) the vintageholic frog:
(2) paper bag vintage:
(3) recy:
(4) elinor:
(5) the baby kitties:

trade guide: photograph.
(1) The Pink Balloon:
(2) Georgianna Lane:
(3) Victoria Klein:
(4) Things that are made:

trade guide: accessories.
(1) Taylor House:
(2) Paisley Lane:
(3) Honey and Pig:
(4) blue heart boutique:
(5) Knots by Ashley:

trade guide: fabric.
(1) Jenny Swanson:
(2) The Pink Needle:
(3) Miss Millies House:
(4) Tiny House:

trade guide: other lovely things.
other lovely:
(1) Black. White. Yellow:
(2) Colie's Crafts:
(3) french toast friday:
(4) Lizziebees:
(5) Ooty:
(6) one crafty librarian:

trade guide: jewelry.
jewelry #1:
(1) Pink Street:
(2) melissa loschy designs:
(3) armelle jewelry:
(4) urbanite jewelry:
(5) adrift designs:
(6) that winsome girl:

trade guide:  jewelry #2.
jewelry #2:
(1) Happy Cloud Moments:
(2) rock paper silver:
(3) oh, hello friend:
(4) suzanne made:
(5) Auburn and Ivory:
(6) Natalie Marie:

happy trading! xo.

49 hello's:

  1. Awesome trade guide! Thank you!!

    ps. #4 & #5 under accessories is swapped. =D

  2. Oh, Danni!! What a wonderful guide – so many delightful things! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!!!! – g

  3. thanks for letting me know about the mixup! just fixed it.. :)

  4. You did an amazing job putting this together! Thank you so much for including me.

  5. What a fabulous list!! I found some great shops, thank you :) xo

  6. i love trades as well! if you're looking for jewelry, take a look at my shop!


  7. Lovely choice of things, lovely blog - good to be here :)

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together - it's a great guide and you've made a lovely job. Thanks heaps. :O)

  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together - it's a great guide and you've made a lovely job. Thanks heaps. :O)

  10. Wow, this looks like it was so much work! You did a wonderful job :) so many lovely things!

  11. What a wonderful list! I've looked through - and hearted - every store here and many items from those stores. Really great list! Thanks, Danni!

  12. This is fantastic! A huge thank you for putting this together! What a job and it looks fantastic!


  13. Wow, as others have already said, awesome guide!! I traded for several gifts last year on Etsy. This year I haven't done it yet, but I am off to check through the guide. So many awesome places to visit.

  14. Trades are the best! I did most of my Christmas Gift trading in September so I wouldn't be rushed at this time of year - but I will have to remember these peep in future!

  15. Danni-

    This must have taken you a long time. I, like all the others, thank you for putting this together. I don't have a shop on etsy to trade with anyone, but that website is where I've bought like 80% of my gifts this year!

    Thanks again:)

  16. Wow, thanks so much for putting this together! It seems like alot of work but it is so lovely and beautiful. I think I just might heart nearly every shop. :)

  17. GREAT idea. I love this. I'll be more on the ball next year.

  18. just wanted to say that i appreciate you putting this together danni :)


  19. This sounds so wonderful!

  20. Thanks so much for including me in your guide! :)


  21. its too hard to decide what to buy for people, EVERYTHING looks so cool!
    thanks for posting, your gift ideas are inspiring.


  22. This is such a fabulous idea!
    These would all make such great gifts.
    I too am open for trades.
    Pleas visit my Etsy shop
    to propose a trade!

  23. Yay!! Thank you Dannie! You are amazing! I'm already in the works of putting together my first package for my first trade! How exciting! So many wonderful things! :D. Thank You!

  24. Thank you so much for putting this together, and I am so flattered to be in your favorites category! I just love this idea, ahhh!

  25. What a fun treat to see my store on your blog. Thanks for all your work to make our lives a little more lovely.

  26. just wanted to say hello, and YOU are loved. this is such a beautiful and inspiring blog! (:

  27. Thanks for this fabulous list! I'm also open to trading.

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  29. Dear Danni.. thank you SO much for creating this wonderful guide, and including my Quotes & Notes shop! The shops in the guide are just lovely!!

    Anyone interested in trading with me, please check out both my shops:

    Thank you.. :)

  30. oh thank you for compiling a trade guide. i love the barter system and am totally open to trading:

    i just started up my shop so i will be adding more. i have all sorts of vintage and paper dreamies. . .message me if you wanna swap!

  31. Danni,
    This is the best holiday gift/trade guide I've seen online this winter! I'm so happy to have been included!
    You're wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  32. Danni,

    Really appreciate you including me in the trade guide. Good work you did.

    Many thanks!

  33. I would love to trade paper goods and photographs, too!

  34. i'm open for trading in either of my shops

  35. Thank you so much for putting this wonderful list together! I recently did three trades and it was great. I'm open for trades from my photography shop

    Happy trading!!

  36. wonderful guide!
    i'm open for trades as well!
    visit my shop,

  37. i would definitely be open to trade! :)

  38. This is awesome! I hope everyone is able to make a trade.

  39. What a wonderful holiday guide! And thanks so much for including my shop, Colie's Crafts. This will be my first time being open to trading, especially since I never knew people did it before!

  40. what a great guide danni! i've been slow with xmas this year, boo!...but if anybody is interested in trades still, i'm in!

  41. So wish I had an Etsy so I could do a swap with all these fabulous folks (yourself included). There are some very talented and creative folks out there who amaze me with the things they produce. Most, if not all, of these items fall in that category. Thanks for sharing :)

  42. Beautiful items! I'm trade friendly, too!

  43. I always love a good trade my shop is I specialize in rag quilts, car seat tents, patterns, and much more...check it out :)

  44. Thank you so much for including me, this is great!

  45. so many adorable shops:)

    I'm also trade-friendly:

    Happy holidays!

  46. This was such a great list! Thank You for posting it. I'm a trade friendly shop as well.

  47. Wonderful finds in trade friendly shops! Thank you for sharing! I'm trade friendly, convo me; 10% helps animals too :) Michele

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