wishes for christmas:

December 10, 2009

( my wish list )
on my wishlist this year..

1) wood tape dispenser from UGUiSU
2) lace clock - china collection from FaireHoure
(sold now.. sad!)
3) alex drawer unit from ikea
4) ps sinka cabinet with drawers from ikea
5) bridal bargains, 9th edition +
6) a weebee house. hehe.
i want to buy one and live by a lake.
7) three stack green book box from wisteria.
8) best of makeup forever from sephora.
i hear this brand is lovely!

what's on yours?

20 hello's:

  1. danni, your list is great. i could really use the drawers from ikea but i have no more room!! remember last time you came over? my house was so bare...well, now i would have no where to put anything else.

    on my wishlist this year is that my husband have a very happy and perfect christmas break. this is our last christmas together until 2011! :( And his work makes him such a cranky pants all the time...i just want him to be happy.

  2. I have two of #3 and LOVE them!! They are great for all of the craft supplies and paper I have. My home office looks 100% better now that I have them.

  3. i love ur list!:D the china clock is beautiful. i actually gave the bridal bargains book as a gift for a friend recently:D they said, it's quite helpful! oh wow, i have a lot of my list. a new camera would be nice since my old one just died.

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  4. those book boxes are so cool! And way prettier than most like them. And Makeup Forever is great- it's very intense. A friend and I have both used the brand to cover tattoos. Great stuff.

  5. Great list! I'd really like a vacation somewhere in Europe!!

  6. well...now the wood tape dispenser is on my wish list too :)

  7. Looks good to me! I will take one of each also:)

  8. i love the wood tape dispenser!!

    - thu

  9. I love your list! The Ikea drawers (both) would be great to have. I think I would like to have a place to live after the wedding most :) And maybe a massage or too.

  10. Oh, I love the clocks over at FaireHoure! And the green book box is darling! Lovely list! xo.

  11. That lateral file has ALWAYS been on my wish list, and just saw that drawer unit the other day. LOVE it.

  12. I would need to get rid of EVERYTHING to have one of those tiny houses! Plus, I think the three of us and four cats would go stir-crazy in such a small space. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind... Wouldn't it be wonderful to move your house to a national park for a while? Then to the mountains by a lake? Then... who knows! Love, love, love the idea of it.

  13. I love the Ikea drawer n°4. But above all, I'm crazingly in love with this small house! I will have to totally change my wishlist for Christmas!

    By the way, you can see my wishlist here :http://lastucealoreille.unblog.fr/2009/11/24/ma-liste-au-pere-noel/
    it's in french but, eh, have a look at this fantastic noisy candle ! (imitate the sound of the woodfire! or rain fall !)

    And my booklist is here :

    Hope Santa Claus will be very, very, very generous this year ;-)

  14. Danni! SO wonderful meeting you tonight at craft good cheer!! I didn't realize you had a blog but will now be following it intently! :) Congrats, again, on your engagement! You and your love are just too cute!!xoxo!

  15. What a great list! I like the Ikea storage -- cute yet functional!

  16. I lovelove your list, dear Dannifriend! ;)
    Oh, how lovely it would be to live by a lake...to wake up because of the silence...

    Also, love your guide above! I've visited lots of the shops and they sell the prettiest stuff...thanks sweety!


  17. the best of makeup forever is awesome!! their eyeliners are one of the best. No lies. You should totally get this!

  18. I actually have a few more lace clocks left... I will send you an email. Those are great ideas, I might have to add a few to my list too!


  19. thank you so very much for the gift guide. i really appreciate the time and love you put into this, as i'm sure all your readers do! :) xo, amy


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