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December 30, 2009

hello friends! well, 2009 has almost come to an end. i am really excited for 2010... for many reasons: looking forward to many changes, new friends, and of course: blogging! but i didn't want to forget about this year and how much the blog has grown over the last year. so here is a review of some posts from '09!

as seen in:
on my wall:
+ guest post at decor8: in august, i got an amazing opportunity to do a guest post at decor8 while holly moved to germany!

diy packaging.
+ diy column at utterly engaged: i put together some pretty packaging for issue 003 of utterly engaged!

blog + shop:

+ lovely package exchange: in july, we did an exchange where over 250+ people exchanged lovely packages.

+ lots and lots of craft shows: in 2009, i sold at over 10+ craft shows. it was lovely! i will be posting a whole guide to planning for a craft show next year!

+ reached over 1000 etsy sales: hurray! am really going to try to focus more on the etsy shop next year!

+ celebrated 1000 followers: in november, the blog hit 1000 followers. so cool ;) its kind of cool and my twitter and blog follow each other in number of followers. its really fun when they both match up!

+ customer appreciation week: lots of fun. look for customer appreciation week in 2010!

+ changes: in june 09, i changed my whole blog layout!

+ over 30 weekly giveaways: in 2009 we have over 30 weekly giveaways from so many lovely shops. click to see the archive!

+ inspire lovely: so many lovely photos in the archives. click over if you need some inspiration ;)

crafts + packaging:
envelope book: one.
+ book of notes for nick: this appeared on stumbleupon! so exciting!

+ more notes: a little online scavenger hunt note book. this was lots of fun to make.

vday: hot chocolate mix.
+ hot chocolate gift idea: some sticky fun!

bridesmaid books: 1
+ bridesmaid project two: a lovely bridesmaid book of gifts, made for lucy.

bridesmaid rings: 3
+ bridesmaid project one: pretty little ring lockets for michelle.

packaging: wrapped.
+ shop packaging: i love pretty packages, if you didn't already know :) archive of all the shop packaging posts!

collections / series:
+ 17 lovely business cards: with some commentary from designers ellie snow and whitney deal.

+ 10 lovely iphone apps: a collection of some fun apps, for you iphone users.

+ fun cameras: it'd be fun to own all these novelty cameras.

+ notions series: a week long series on ruffles. crochet. lace. cutout. pleats.

engaged: moment after
+ proposal story: in november, nicholas proposed :)

+ always, sometimes never: if you are new here and want to read a little something about me, this was a fun little post i enjoyed doing.

+ met ruby ellen from cakies: in july - i got to meet ruby, true, and brave for breakfast. it was so much fun, i felt like i had already known her forever.

+ met jessica jane from petite house: jessica and i had been 'blog' friends for a while...we texted a lot too. i was so excited when they moved to southern california! we first met at renegade craft - which is appropriate since we're both crafters. i also got to meet valerie, both of them were so cool!

+ blog social at urbanic: this was a blast. met so many lovely blog friends like amanda from 100 layer cake, audrey from parcel post, monica from our designed life, and rachel from heart of light!

+ turned 24: in june, another year older.

+ met dionne from city of dionne: for a socal bloggers social she put on. it was so much fun.. and kind of my first real blog meet-up. before i walked in, i was like "nick what if they turn out to all be old blogger ladies?" hehe. they were all so cool.

misc pics:

good morning.
random weekend post.

lovely books: game books!
pretty puzzle books.

thrift finds: plates.
thrift finds.

an awesome banner from the fabulous katie of made by hank.

happy easter!
i love this vintage dish.

i made a skirt in sewing class!

book made by nicholas: pop up!
a sweet book nick made for me.

see you in 2010!
have a safe and lovely new year.

31 hello's:

  1. u've had an amazing 2009:) i'm so happy to have found ur blog last month! just love all the inspirational pics and crafts:D happy new year to u!:)


  2. danni!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a flippin' amazing post!!!
    LEGIT ;)
    hope to see u again soon!

  3. Aw, how cute! I think I've read all of your posts but it's really inspiring to see them all gathered like this:) Hope you have a fabulous new year with lots and lots of great experiences! xo

  4. aw, what a sweet retrospective of 2009. loved looking back. you had a great year! :)

  5. This is so awesome!! Oh Danni you have achieved so much this year and I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Have a wonderful New Year!! x

  6. Haver a fabulous New Year, Danni,
    I'm looking forward to reading all your lovely posts!

  7. What a great post! Love all the photos!
    May 2010 be an amazing your for you! Have a wonderful new years eve :)

  8. hello... im april and i am such a fan! i enjoy reading your blog. your such an inspiration... more power and god bless!!

  9. happy new year, danni!


  10. wow!! you've done literally fantastic jobs honey!! so lovely!!

    happy new year!!


  11. Such an amazing gallery! Happy new year, and I so look forward to reading more!

  12. What a lovely post! Sounds like you have had a great year! I hope 2010 is great too!

    Did you get the swap items I sent you? I sure hope so and hope that you are loving them! I LOVE my compass necklace and wear it often.


    Karen Beth :)

  13. Great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful year! & I hope you have an even more wonderful one in 2010!
    Happy New Year!


  14. Dear friend,
    I hope the new year brings you lots of joy and I wish you the best in your shop/life!!
    See you next year, hopefully soon ^.^

  15. Sounds like your 2009 was great, hopefully 2010 will be even better!

    Happy New Year!

  16. wow

    i love you idea >///<

    so lovely

    and happy new years 2010

    happy happy (:

  17. What a fantastic year! You've done so much. Thank you!

  18. What a great year you have had! So much fun looking at all the beautiful things you have made and reading about the people you have met and who could forget your engagement story! I hope you have a wonderful New year!

    I also wanted to let you know I did a little post about my present from you the other day. :)

  19. 2009 was such a lovely year! i started blogging regularly since august (thanks to YOU for my awesome awesome layout!)

    and aw, that book nick made is so cute!

    let's make 2010 even better!

  20. that is quite a collection! happy new year to you!

  21. Happy New Year. Looking forward to more of your posts in 2010.

  22. happy new year dear danni!
    it's been so much fun to read your blog and watch it grow~ you're just remarkable.
    I've never met you, but you've been a friend, I hope that you have another year as fabulous as this one. :)

  23. Got the same (pink) puzzle - sudoku book! Urban Outfitters hihi :) Almost too beautiful to use them!

  24. I always love to read your blog!
    Have a creative and inspirational 2010!!

  25. Happy New Year! You have had one hell of a year & the best part is you have nearly all of it documented :) Lots of love, happiness, and health for 2010!

  26. OH MY!

    soooo many amazing things you've done, Danni!
    I envy you, dear friend.
    I truly loved this post!


  27. you've had an amazing year and you're an utterly inspiring individual. i can't wait to see what other blessing 2010 brings!

  28. a sweet reminder to stop and reflect before we make our big plans for 2010.

  29. incredible heart shaped dish! Is that bakelite?

  30. this has to be the prettiest blog EVER.


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