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December 9, 2009

this post had to go into another because there were just so many lovely friends who stopped by that i have to blog about! firstly, i guess i will talk about the celebs. it was so cool :)

jackie tohn. so cool. so here's my story about the ama thing. this super sweet person comes into my booth and she's like "hello friend...hey, did you have your stuff in the bags at the ama gift lounge?" and i was like..so random.. but yes! she was like, "oh yea, i remember your company!" or something like that and i asked if she got a bag and she was like, "yep, i was on american idol last season, top 24" i felt super lame cause i don't watch american idol but that's seriously legit if you're in top 24.

anyway, she told me these crazy stories about how the companies in the gift lounge just give out tons of free stuff to all the celebrities... and i told her about how my necklace got stolen and she suggested maybe a celebrity took it cause they thought it was free. so that made me feel better...

as she left, nick was like, "you should take a picture with her!" so i ran after her to ask if i could take a pic. she was SO sweet. she came back to my booth and was like "yea, i'll put on a necklace or something" so there she is - wearing a oh, hello friend necklace! so in a strange way, the ama gift lounge did work out cause i ended up getting a pic of my item on a celeb anyway! heh. and the fact that she remembered my company brand and mentioned it totally made my day. branding works! lol. so i called my bro cause he's a big idol fan and he totally remembered her!

Marguerite Moreau. you may remember her from the mighty ducks, i totally grew up on that movie! then i saw her in another show recently and so it was so random when i saw her at unique la in april - she was at the info table, lol. i think i was probably staring at her really awkwardly. i wanted to take a picture with her then but i was like, meh. so anyway, she was back here last weekend, this time passing out drinks. then she came into my booth and i turned to nick and whispered "dude nick, that actress is in my booth!" hahaaaa. she bought a magnet set from me! i asked to take a picture with her, she was so sweet. fun times.

anyway, lots more friend pics: click below to see more!

tina from hi tree! she is really cool, and i love everything from her shop. we were next to each other at a craft show in la that was the worst so i got to meet her back then.

mai from ruche. yep, that's right! i totally met the owner of the most lovely shop ruche! her and her husband were so lovely and sweet.

i was next to kait emerson designs at patchwork and was so glad to meet her. you don't always get next to super friendly people at some of these shows so it was lovely to be next to her. i know i say this a lot but she was so sweet. everyone is so sweet, lol. her daughter was soooo adorable too.

my dear friends beatrice her sister cynthia. they were such a big help at patchwork show and stopped by to support at unique. beatrice studied fashion and makes the most lovely things that she sells in her etsy shop here.

and last but not least, all the other lovely friends.

laura - a sweet friend who i just met through blogging.

elim - a sweet friend who i actually met just selling at uc irvine.

carissa - a shop supporter who has purchased from my shop a few times.. she wrote a really sweet thing about meeting each other on her blog.

michelle + carissa woo - super random story about michelle and her sister. i know michelle through blogging, and her sister carissa was roommates with one of my friends from elementary school. such a small world.

dear friends helen + frances + her adorable kids!

my aunt linda stopped by and always supports!

how cute is nicholas in his bike shirt.. which he got many compliments on. i got him this shirt ;)

19 hello's:

  1. This looks like it was so much fun! It's too bad that I live all the way across the country in NYC, but I did send a few friends your way.

  2. you and nick are the CUTEST!!!!!!!! and thats pretty sweet that girl remembered your things...her sweatshirt is AWESOME.

  3. Danni,
    It was great seeing you again, and thanks for playing with my energetic kids (Rock & Key) :) Your stuff is adorable! I look really BIG in that picture :(... I wish I can give birth now!

  4. It was so fun seeing you! Loved all your stuff, as always.

  5. Wow, Marguerite Moreau! She still looks gorgeous! Takes me back to my Mighty Ducks days, LOL>

  6. where'd you get nick's shirt at? I must buy it!!!!

  7. Hi! I adore your table display, as always. Looks like a really great craft show: we don´t have many of those around here!

  8. How fun. I wish I could visit your setup.

    Mighty Ducks is so my fave. I totally recognized her.

  9. I thought your booth was gorgeous! And I didn't see you around (but it was crowded, so who knows?) or I would've said hi. :-)

  10. It looks like such fun!! Your booth looks amazing and I wish I could be there for a craft show lol. Too bad I don't even live in the US :)

  11. haha, i like the lady in the mirror looking at stuff in the last pic of you and nick. that is so funnnyyyy

  12. Aww, so cool. It looks like you had fun. Makes me kinda sad that craft season is over for me for a while. And yeah, I love Nick's shirt!

  13. aw, love all these pictures! and how fun meeting celebs! my boyfriend saw Ed Harris walking around... and then go to the bathroom. he said I should get a picture of him, but I wasn't about to wait for him to come out! haha.

  14. how fun!!!
    I'm super lame and totally recognized the AI girl!

  15. ok now im really bummed out i missed unique la lol! so cool that u met celebs!!:D thanks for sharing ur pics with us:D

    Check out my new Blog Shop: ShopTheOwlsCloset.blogspot.com

  16. That's so weird... I saw that first photo and was like "Hey, I know her." I actually went to summer camp with Jackie Tohn when we were about 13 or so. That's great that she was on American Idol.

  17. Hi Danni!
    Your blog has such a creative element and vibe to it. So are your products! :)
    If you ever consider coming to Singapore, it'll be a blast to see your stuff on sale. :)


  18. quack quack quacks...flying v!!!

    sorry, i wouldve been staring as well


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