December 8, 2009

i just want to sail away in this paper boat.
(photo by The Curious Nomad)

just checking in for the week... after finishing selling monday - friday at uc irvine and then on saturday + sunday at unique los angeles, i'm beat! so tired. my apartment desperately needs to be cleaned and organized. so i will be spending time doing that.. the daily will be back next week. some follow up posts to come and a mid-week giveaway from some friends!

ps: you know ruby from cakies? we threw her a surprise baby shower.. well, she had her baby on december 3rd, 2009!!!!! a beautiful baby girl named soul valentina. congrats friend! :)


6 hello's:

  1. darling.
    oo i see you've been rearranging your work space. I love rearranging furniture! if you can't have something new, make the space look new!

  2. What a beautiful name for the new baby!

  3. I love your pretty packages from the ama awards. Sorry about the pocket watch necklace. Sad that people lack such integrity these days. And I have to say, Soul Valentina is a beautiful name. Enjoy the rest of this week...I'm snowed in with 5 small kids right now! =) They think it's magical.

  4. these bags are just so lovely - and what an undertaking but well worth it looking at these pix :) i love your blog - thanks for all the great posts!!


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