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January 13, 2010

these shops were discovered through etsy's pounce feature. i could spend hours searching for new shops...it's so fun to discover a newly opened shop. head on over and support our fellow artists! :)

1) pocket book by whoknewdesign, $42
2) FOREST FLOWERS vinyl wall decal by lollypoptrees, $60
3) Super cool Turntable clock by Vyconic, $75
4) live in the city for crowd style by thesimpson, $69
5) Elegant silver gold plated cuff by heruniquetaste, $95
6) Crocheted Lacy Ruffled Scarf in Plum by GMollyMrs, $30

18 hello's:

  1. What a neat feature! I'd better update my Etsy shop and hope it shows up in the "still waiting to make a sale" section. :)


  2. the cuff is Gorgeous, and I would wear it ALL the time!!

  3. you've found some great new shops! that feature is pretty fun.

  4. I love all! The bag, the brazalet, the chair... and this Blog, it's just... so cute :)

  5. i love it all!


  6. beautiful collection. I LOVE that pocketbook!

  7. wow- a very pleasing selection of talented people- that yellow jacket is great!

  8. There are so many shops on Etsy that sometimes I feel bombarded and overwhelmed. Your site really helps to zero in on the items that are interesting and pretty. I also wouldn't have known about the Pounce feature without your blog. Thank you!

  9. There are so many beautiful things out there, it's difficult to choose a favourite. I do like the plum coloured wall decal.
    Hope you are having a lovely week.
    Melinda xo

  10. I am loving that yellow jacket. I very much like the design of your blog! Gorgeous.

  11. That clock is grand...And such a good price!

  12. Oooh, I love the colors in this post. Mustard and plum yum!
    That ring is fabulous. Nice find!

    And I agree with Post Grad Hair Cut - great blog design.

  13. Wonderful selection of goodies! I love how you put these together!
    Your blog is wonderful!
    eco-stylista: sourcebook for eco-conscious living

  14. i especially love the scarf!

  15. I never knew about Pounce until you mentioned it and now I love it! it's so fun to "pounce"! :)

  16. I LOVE Etsy pounce. It's so fun.
    Once while I was pouncing, an item of mine came up under Just Sold that I didn't know had sold and I was SO happy :) :)

  17. Hi there:) Thank you so much for featuring my plum scarf! I'd love to offer your readers a 20% discount to GMollyMrs.etsy.com when they mention your blog at checkout.

    Loving the color palate too!!


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