anti v-day ideas:

February 5, 2010

if you're not so much into the valentine spirit this year,
here are a few fun ideas for the anti-guide!

Anti-Valentine Earrings from HeartfeltCreativity, $13

YOU'RE JUST NOT MY TYPE - A Valentine Rejection Card from knockandrun, $4

Funny Anti Valentines BROOCH - Black White Filigree from shupg, $28

Valentines ring - black faceted heart cabochon on filigree Casethaliel, $8.90

Skull and Crossbones BUTTONS on Pink from missbutler, $9

Broken Heart Necklace in Silver from ANORIGINALJEWELRY, $46

I Still Know Which Records Are Mine from owlyshadowpuppets, $16

10 hello's:

  1. Haha, they all made me chuckle but the last one was worth a laugh-out-loud.

  2. i love the last one, so good!

  3. Love the card and the last one. Brilliant. :)

  4. that's so great. my husband used to have candy grams that had anti v-day messages on it like…
    "don't wait for my call"
    "let's break up"

  5. Thank you for doing a post to support Single Awareness Day (SAD) ;)

  6. I love the "I still know which records are mine"! Even though my husband and I are married we really aren't big on V-day.

  7. Haha I love the you're just not my type card!

  8. ROFL, these are hilarious! Not my type is my FAVE, maybe bc i'm partial to vintage typewriters (who isn't?). Loved these finds.

  9. Oh yes, my records are my records and will want them back! :D


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