March 31, 2010

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hi friends! i miss you .. how is your week going? i'm getting lots done, it's been really nice. thanks for all your sweet comments about the blog break. i am really feeling the void of not blogging daily though, it has become such a big part of my life.

just wanted to stop in and ask you for 10 minutes of your time to complete the oh, hello friend reader survey: so i can get your feedback on content, sponsors, and making the blog better! i'd really appreciate it :) you can answer it anonymously or leave your contact info - up to you.

if you'd like to enter the giveaway for taking the survey, please leave your email address at the end of the survey in the last box provided. (email addresses will remain private, no one will see the results but me) after you have taken the survey, simply comment to enter!

3 winners will be chosen. the grand prize is a PRETTY CAKE STAND + a pack of japanese tape! 2 runner's up will receive a pack of japanese tape. survey will end + winners will be chosen one week from today.
(sorry the images turned out so dark, it is a gloomy day here in oc!)

happy friday:


March 26, 2010

image source unknown - please message if you know it.
feeling a little bit like this right now.

image source.
i want to escape to a sweet little cottage.

image source unknown - please message if you know it.
i want to do this.

image source. (thanks brandi!)
i want to spend some time at the beach.

image source
i want to organize.

image source
i want to feel light.

image source
i want to feel simplicity.

image source
i like this photo :)

happy friday friends!

i just stopped in to say that i'm going to take a little blog break next week. i've been really scattered and it's been hard to prioritize things i need to do, not to mention that i am stumped on inspiration and things to post on the blog. i feel overwhelmed and wonder where all my time goes - i barely am able to send out etsy orders, blog, and answer emails. i don't know how some other people do it!

i think i just need some time away from the computer. i hate to leave the blog empty for a whole week but i didn't plan any guest bloggers or anything. i will be posting a blog reader survey next week so please check back and participate so i can get your feedback on the blog and the content. i will be offering a mini cake stand to the winner too! while i'm away, i'm going to be working on finishing up the lovely package exchange (so very sorry it's taken me so long!!) and trying to get my letterpress printing, taking pictures, cleaning + organizing, spending some time at the park.. and maybe a mini-road trip? :)

what about you? have you felt drained from spending so much time on the computer every day? can you offer up any suggestions of every day things to do or a refreshing activity that don't involve a computer? :) or any tips on multi-tasking/organizing/time management? i need some tips, desperately!

hope you have a really fantastic weekend, see you soon! xo.

collections / forts:


March 25, 2010

forts. a simple childhood past time.
and so very popular as of late..

i remember taking up our entire living
room building these with my little brother.
we used cardboard boxes and sheets.

hope you enjoy this collection! xo.
found via loveology

source unknown. found via a beautiful mess

all pictured above via booooooom from their fort contest
(you can click the image for the specific posting and the artists name)

the impossible project:


i've been following the impossible project for a while now. i got 5 packs a few months back from them and they recently had the last batch of polaroid film for sale. their mission: bring back polaroid film. and today, i got a newsletter that black + white film is now available. (it's going fast though, almost half sold!) pretty amazing! watch some of the projects they've been working on. and sign up for their newsletter to be notified of the latest happenings.

( lovely goods ) undiscovered:


March 24, 2010

( lovely goods )
occasionally i feature shops that are undiscovered, i like to browse through etsy's pounce feature. so many lovely new up and coming artists: for all you shop owners you remember the days when you first started your shop. it was all so exciting when you made your first sale. ;) check them out and support!

1) watercolor flower print with sunflare by Novel Photographie, $50
2) Perforated Porcelain Mug, blue celadon by amanda gentry, $35
3) Flower ring by lisa wine studios, $8
4) The memory of the sixties by mayoak, $255
5) Rings Necklace by flouro, $65
6) Moroccan Star Kitchen Towel - Teal by brillianttreescoll, $67.50

space saver beds:


back in the day, whenever we had friends over i remember we'd pull out the good old futon. so when i came across these space saver beds from benign objects, i thought, how cool would it be to be able to just bust out one of these legit space saver beds out of the wall! the company, resource furniture, is located in new york. i like the styling of all their rooms too. a fun website to check out, lots of lovely furniture.

inspire: lovely.


March 23, 2010

some pretty pictures for your tuesday viewing.
hope you have a wonderful day today.

off to run some errands with nicholas!

weekly giveaway - Bagatelles & Co:


March 22, 2010

our giveaway this week comes from Bagatelles & Co, a lovely bag designer from london, uk. i love the unique and sweet patterns rym uses for her designs. she studied textile and fashion design in paris so this girl knows what she's doing. this week, you can win a $42 gift certificate which can be used on your choice of any of her gigi purses. or use it toward something bigger, her lili clutches are lovely too. be sure to stop by her blog as well, and follow her on facebook + twitter! :)

win: $42 gift certificate!

How did you get started sewing? I have always been making things, and after sudying Textile and Fashion design in Paris, I moved to London to work as a freelance designer and pattern cutter. bagatelles&co started last summer when I was desperately looking for a nice evening bag for a wedding I was attending. I couldn’t find anything beautiful yet affordable so I ended up making my own…! I haven’t stopped making bags since then!

Where do you gather inspiration? Flowers, colours and textiles, walking around in the city and people in the street, the 20's and 50's, Venice, period costumes, music, cute little cakes…

Any advice for new businesses starting out? I'm still quite new but I'd say don't be afraid to try new things and to get out from your comfort zone. Be perseverant and believe in yourself. Things do not happen overnight, so be prepared to work very hard. Believe in your dreams!

simply visit Bagatelles & Co and leave a comment
with your favorite item from rym's shop.

twitter, facebook, or blog about this giveaway.
come back and comment with the link :)

if you twitter, please tag it with @ohhellofriend so i can track your tweet ;)
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giveaway ends on monday, march 29 at 8am, pst
please check back next week to see if you are the lucky winner!

congrats to #208 - bibliochic, the winner of the proteales giveaway!
thanks to proteales for the generous $40 gift certificate!