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March 5, 2010

hi friends. thanks for joining me in the lovely package exchange this week! if you missed it, simply click "older posts" at the bottom of the blog to scroll back + see all the good stuff!

has anyone else noticed the number of posts being limited on the first page? i found out a couple days ago, blogger is now limiting the number posts that appear on the first page of your blog, based on the amount of html + images you have. so the first page of my blog is only showing 4 posts.. i do have a ton of images in each post.

so anyway! what are your weekend plans? the image above are some pretty necklaces i picked up for our engagement photos. (and we got our huge letters in! trying to decide on a color) well, here are some links i came across this week, definitely worth posting.

giverslog: in keeping with lovely packages, this lovely site has a whole gallery of pretty packages from around the community.

love your neighbor printable tag: from joy ever after. a really sweet free printable treat tag for your neighbor. also: a new delightful blog you must see :)

cardonizer: another cool gallery of all things business cards! love business card design.

color collective: a new blog all about resources for colors! really love the concept. lauren pulls a colors from images and makes lovely color palettes. (i am really loving this one)

japanese tape diy: from to be charmed. i am loving these vases tape with japanese tape! what a fun weekend project ;)

blog + business workshop: marta writes. a wonderfully fabulous workshop all about blogging + business! you could really take a whole weekend and read all these lovely topics covered.

also, i'm starting a 'specials + coupons' gallery that will contain special discounts for readers of oh, hello friend. if you have a shop and are interested in offering an exclusive discount or coupon, please contact me to be considered for the gallery.

save the dates:
ps: if you missed it, i did a save the date diy at 100 layer cake :)

27 hello's:

  1. Love the DIY!

    Have wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Laura

  2. those flower necklaces are soo beautiful! can't wait to see your pictures! have a great e-session and weekend!

  3. I agree! Those flower necklaces are gorgeous. And I have to vote on orange for your huge letters--I feel like the color would POP in your e-session photos! :)

    Love your blog and will continue to faithfully read it! Keep up the lovely and amazing work :)

  4. beautiful beautiful!! and as for the letters..i like mint..it's so sweet but orange is wonderful too!!that's a hard choice...

  5. The DIY is amazing!! You are just too good :)

  6. i love that flower necklace- where is it from? i've been looking for something JUST like it :) :) love your blog!

  7. Dani, you are one of the most delightful, creative people I have ever met in the blogworld and your blog is my absolute number 1!
    Thank you so much for sharing who you are and what you do with all of us.
    I cannot wait to hear (and see) how the wedding plans are coming along.
    Oh, before I forget, when will you start accepting signups for the Lovely Package Exchange? I am mortified about missing it this year! :)
    Much love to you!

  8. that necklace is to die for! looking forward to the swap!

  9. danni,
    thank you for the sweet shout out. i truly appreciate it and love your beautiful space here. so inspiring and full of eye candy. have a lovely weekend.

  10. Those flowers are adorable!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  11. Have a nice weekend!
    I do not have any particular plan, maybe I will go shopping tomorrow :)

    Nice links, everything's so inspiring!

  12. Happy weekend to you! And congrats on all your spotlights around the Web!!! LOVE your 100 Layer Cake guest-post! xoxo

  13. Awesome tutorial, thank you!

  14. Hello! I can't find the winner of the giveaway of DEAR BEATRICE and POLLY DANGER...where are??

  15. you are incredibly talented!! :)

  16. 1st) love the blog. 2nd) love the orange letter. 3rd) ready for the lovely package exchange, i can't stop thinking of gift ideas (my brain is in overload!).

  17. I too would love to know where the necklace is from! I'm sure your pictures will be simply amazing, can't wait to see them!

  18. I love that color blog - what a neat idea!

  19. lovelovelove it!
    i'm going to visit the links tomorrow!


    (i can't wait to see the wedding pics!)

  20. thanks for sharing all the links. I just browsed through a few of them and they look very promising and inspiring :)
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  21. I think that large letters like that for weddings are absolutely marvelous!!!
    Looking forward to your lovely wedding and the photos that will come!!!

  22. I am so happy I found your blog- it's amazing.

  23. Great links! I will keep your blog in mind if I decide to do a special for your readers :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. You always have such lovely things! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend :)

  25. Thanks for sharing those lovely links :)
    Loved the color collective blog it's similar to Kris's color stripes here --> http://color-stripes.blogspot.com/ I found ages ago, but color collective has a wonderful pretty style I adore and amazing palettes. Thanks!

  26. Necklaces are fantastic! They just look so fresh and romantic. Your wedding is going to be amazing! I hope your marriage is just as wonderful through the years too. =)

  27. i loved your diy save the dates! so lovely.


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